Bitcoin pay killer

Jessica Luge she was sentenced to ten years in prison plus three years probation for attempting to arrange a custom murder. The woman allegedly tried to hire a hitman, paying him in Bitcoin to execute the plan.

On the other side of the wallet however, an agent was hiding FBI undercover, which earned approximately 10 000 $ in more transactions on Coinbase. From the exchange comes the evidence that nails the woman, with the police ironically losing much of the money to the bear market.

It wasn't a great idea...

10 années from prison, 1 000 $ fine and three years of probation to be served at the end of the stay in federal prisons. It is the penalty imposed on Jessica Leeann Lugeforty years Pelahatchiea charming town in the county of rankin, Mississippi.

The woman must have laughed less when she discovered that the killer she was trying to hire by paying him in Bitcoin was actually an agent ofFBI disguised.

There Sledge pleaded guilty to the charges against him. To be specific, the woman was accused of using interstate trade structures in an attempt to organize a murder commission.

And the structures in question would respond to the name of Coinbase, a platform used to make three different transactions in favor of the so-called killer. The payments were reportedly made between 4 and 10 October last year, while the following November 1, the two met at Brandon. At the rendezvous, bitter surprise: the man reveals his identity, and ours is found behind bars.

Yes, they catch you even if...

The police would have framed Jessica Luge thanks to the collaboration ofexchange, asked to provide details of the transaction. A happy ending for the police who brought a potentially dangerous subject to justice.

The operation, however, reserves some grotesque details. The fake killer reported the equivalent of approx. 10 000 $ at the time of the transaction, with the sum which to date is significantly lower than the exchange rate due to the bear market.

And if the wallet cries of the police, history is sure to bring to life, for the umpteenth time, the discussions about cryptocurrencies and security in that of Washington. A controversial issue that has been repeatedly addressed, but ineffectively, even by authorities who insist on the old continent.

We recently talked about the problems thatEuropean Banking Authority found in the effective application of Waistquestionable and contested attempt at regulation also based on cleverly mounted bogies on the wave of sometimes fallacious arguments.

A theme, that of security, which often returns to fill the pages of the general press when it comes to crypto-monnaies. Indeed some illustrious cases the sector may include it, but these are sensational and hard to repeat events. This time, however, the criminals were brought to justice thanks to the collaboration of a exchange. This should make us think.

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