The Sandbox: the Bug Bounty is underway | The system will be much safer!

Good news for $ SAND de The sandboxwhich offers a very interesting performance in terms of price thanks to important innovations concerning its own infrastructure.

The program was launched bug bounty that in the face of reports of Thumbtack it will reward considerably, thus helping to make its system much more secure, also in view of the release of the beta phase and, who knows, towards mass adoption. It's not an absolute novelty in the world of crypto, but it's still more than welcome in an industry where bugs can cost projects and users millions of dollars.

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The Sandbox: rewards for those who discover bugs

A system that in the past has worked for several projects and has become something of a standard not only in the crypto world, but in the world of Software in general. Also The sandboxa die metaverse mainly used also for commercial purposes, from today it offers Rewards Who will report bugs to. All this with the aim of making the whole system much safer, avoiding the problems already encountered in the sector of video game and which led to losses which, in other cases, could have sunk very promising projects.

All with the classic collaboration with ImmuneFIce we have already seen successful operations for Polygon and which provides for the payment of relatively rich rewards to those who discover such malfunctions. Concretely we will have:

Up to $200 which will be paid in $ SAND. The definition of critical bug is located at official website of the initiative managed directly by ImmuneFI.

It varies from a minimum of 1 000 $always paid $ SANDfor minor bugs up to a maximum of 20 000 $, always paid in cryptocurrency. The idea is that in the face of the rewards that can be legitimately obtained, also pirate with bad intentions, they'd rather report the bug than run away with it. stolen items which is incredibly difficult to recycle without being behind the police of half the world.

A welcome step for The Sandbox

Many are those who repeat that during the bear market it's a good time to build. Along with technological innovations, these steps will also help change the narrative about the world of cryptoof the metaverse and also video game.

Concrete steps – and appreciated by the market – to make the entire ecosystem safer. Starting off on the right foot and with reduced chances that what continues to happen in the sector will happen, due to programming errors and, if you will, also due to the traditional short arm of various realities that do not are not yet turning to this type of program.

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