The Sandbox: Carrefour and P&G are coming

Procter & Gamble Et Carrefour started an interesting experiment in the metaverse of The sandbox. In a joint operation, the two companies invited consumers to take tests to learn about detergents and household products in a virtual environment.

A simulation that takes the form of a game, with many rewards for users. The stated objective is to study the consumption habits of digital native customers, and to engage with them in an empathetic relationship taking into account the new communication paradigms that Web3 imposed.

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Retail Kings Breakthrough on The Sandbox

The focus is on customer feedback: the goal is not to increase sales, Procter & Gamble Et Carrefour engaged in a social experience born in metaverse de The sandbox. Three high-sounding names, each in their sector, to give life to a marketing operation intended to photograph the consumption habits and user experiences of the target audience.

A polished operation that saw consumers grapple with household cleaning operations to be carried out in the virtual home of Mr. Cleanmascot P & G and a familiar face to brand aficionados, as it stands out on the labels of many of the group's laundry products.

Users were invited to use the products in a test session with a goal, a deadline and a final reward.

Housewives and housewives on chain they helped the image of the strongman Procter & Gamble (who with an all-French linguistic flair, Carrefour makes it become Mr Pro) in the renovation of his house. Two minutes of time available to better clean the house, using the products P & G. To win a coupon worth €40, to be spent on the websites of the respective companies.

We exploited the metaverse to offer contact with the different brands, based on social interaction and a playful system. We did not focus on sales returns, rather we are interested in learning how to communicate with a generation familiar with new technologies. The metaverse must be accessible to everyone, and cannot remain confined to the niche of luxury companies.

The words of Denise Rodrigues VielliardPress officer Carrefourdenote great expertise in the field and a vision open to all that is good block chain and derived technologies have to offer. To companies but above all to customers, at the center of this interesting experiment.

A project born recently, but which can offer much more

Statements which, we are sure in full knowledge of the facts, evoke key concepts well known to the activities which invest in metaverse. We're talking about a fun experience, and in fact the context is clear from the tweet video game that awaits users struggling with the experience LifeLab de Procter & Gamble Et Carrefour.

A pickaxe, that of entertainment, knowingly used to attract a generation of digital natives with whom you have to know how to communicate, even better if in your own language. That of block chainwho in metaverse find more than a happy field of action.

An environment already widely explored by luxury companiesas he reminds us Denise Rodrigues Vielliard, but which, in his vision, would find its maximum expression if it were developed for the use and consumption of all social classes. A vision that we feel we can share and which is already materializing in the many initiatives underway The sandbox, metaverse ce has already amply proven believe in projects with a strong aggregative connotation.

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