The Sandbox: agreement with Adidas

Another amazing day for $ SAND on the market - the token representing one of the metaverse commercially the most interesting of the moment. A race important, which was triggered by the announcement of the collaboration with one of the largest sports groups in the world.

It was indeed Adidas having decided to start its presence in metaverse directly on the infrastructure offered by The sandbox - news that triggered purchases and brought the token back to an all-time high.

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Adidas in the world of The Sandbox: the announcement

The announcement came yesterday and immediately sparked a huge wave of buying for one of the world's best protocols. TVN and the gods metaverse.

adiVerse? What can we build with The Sandbox?

An advertisement which ultimately remains very cryptic - which nevertheless incorporates that of The sandbox which occupies a carte where a space has been allocated just for Adidas. Anyone wishing to consult the the map can find it here, on the official website of The sandbox.

The virtual field allocated bears the following ad:

Adidas Originals is studying the Metaverse and will be coming to The Sandbox with our first immersive virtual experience. Follow us as we take our first steps into the new world of originality.

One hundred and forty-four parcel the location -84,96 are therefore reserved - and the involvement of the most popular group in the world in the sports sector is thus official. This news could only lead to a significant volume of purchases and the consequent pressure on the price of $ SAND, which is now at an all time high, having beaten it several times over the past week.

Another great collaboration with a great brand: where can The Sandbox go

In fact, we believe these, as important as they are, are just starting elements for the protocol, which has proven to have great commercial strength and has what it takes to attract big brands. Big brands that carry hype but also actors and attention to the project, pushing more and more people to buy the associated tokens.

Although many think that what we have in front of us is a bubble for all intents and purposes, we believe there is still room for the growth of these protocols ample and that this type of collaboration will make these realities ubic and more and more sought after.

What's inside the collaboration?

Still difficult to know, as no other details have been confirmed nor The sandbox nor of Adidas. There will surely be the presence of a emplacement important, which will also be associated with agaming experience. Gambling experience reported by The sandbox Sara immersive and always accessible to players.

The race for best metaverse is just beginning - and the industry is growing at a rate that suggests there will be room for more metaverse, without $ SAND ou $ MANA must necessarily attack him share others. We are only at the beginning of an adventure which could become very lucrative.

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