Tether unveils a new stablecoin | It's time for the pound

The world of stablecoin continues to be the hottest right now and not just in terms of risk and controversy. Having demonstrated that he is more than capable of fulfilling his obligations, Attached has decided to relaunch itself by announcing the arrival of a new stablecointhis time based on GBP.

The news was communicated by the official website of the groupwith GBPT which will be the last in a long series of stablecoin already issued by the group led by Paolo Ardoino. With a look, in our opinion, also at the world of payments, which is perhaps the most interesting for this type of initiative.

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Tether launches a new stablecoin: this time the focus is on the pound

The world of stablecoin it is still in its infancy. And it's still at this stage trial and error which is to identify the right path to create the best. Attached continues on its way, that is to say with stablecoin which have real reserves and very far from those algorithmic stable which have negatively dominated the market in recent weeks.

The latest arrival, as announced on the band's official website, is GBPTor a stablecoin pegged to the London pound, as part of a broader plan in the UK to make the country a fundamental crypto hub.

In April this year, the UK Department of Finance announced plans to make the country a global hub for cryptocurrencies. According to its website, the government will consider making cryptocurrencies a legally recognized means of payment. This initiative, coupled with the hundreds of millions of people using crypto around the world, makes the UK an ideal location for the next wave of innovation in the industry.

It is the motivation that would have pushed Attached to launch the latest stablecoin in its offering, after the most popular on the US dollarthe stable on The Chinese YuanonEUR It's certain Mexican Peso. He also spoke on the subject Paolo Ardoino, CTO group.

We believe the UK is the next frontier for blockchain innovation and wider deployments of cryptocurrencies for financial markets. We hope to contribute to this innovation by providing cryptocurrency users around the world with access to a sterling stablecoin operated by the world's largest stablecoin provider. Tether is ready to work with UK regulators to reach this milestone and looks to the future for the continued adoption of its stablecoins.

Only for financial markets?

The movements of Attached just like those of its competitors are looking, at least in our opinion, also towards other things, namely the possibility of using stablecoins even for small payments between people or for small daily expenses.

As several states consider the possibility of implementing the so-called CBDCa very hot topic also for the implications on privacy and freedom they entail and which we will no doubt come back to talk about on these pages.

Meanwhile, the struggle between Attached Et Circle it comes alive, the second trying to regain market share from the first, which remains dominant. And even more transparent thanks to the announcement of new audits.

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