Terra Luna: new message from Do Kwon!

has more than one month de distance from the crack of Lunar Earth it is possible to summarize how things are going, both in terms of the new protocol launched and in terms of quarrels legal for project promoters, starting with do kwon and by the most important employees of the laboratories who managed the project.

do kwon he would have confirmed that he had lost almost all of his assets in the crack of the project which had made him famous, also making my fault for the behavior very arrogant which he held over time, particularly when his project was al Top and he didn't seem to fear any kind of competition.

With someone who believes the former Korean genius can still be resurrected anyway and is looking to trade high risk on $LUNA in the new version, which we can also find on Binance - go here to get free account – perhaps the most important of the international exchanges to have decided to list the new project despite everything.

Inside, in addition to accessing many crypto assets, also tools to earn income from what has just been purchased through the LP or even with special programs, with tools directly on the CEX for the management of complex orders.

Do Kwon would have lost almost everything: this is what the leader of Terra Luna has in his hands

Rich, very rich, to paraphrase an old Italian comedy… practically in underwear. The once-rich protocol leader Lunar Earth he would have lost almost everything during the crack of his protocol. Or rather, that's what he said to the Wall Street newspaper in the context of a relatively long interview. However, starting from a very strong message and for many absolutely incredible, also considering the state of the project today after the “rebirth”.

I have great confidence in our ability to rebuild even better what we were.

A sentence that will leave many of our readers dumbfounded, but which, in our opinion, denotes the fact that do kwon then he has no great alternatives to try to recover what he lost.

I have been devastated by the events that have transpired recently and hope all families who have been affected are taking care of themselves and the people they love.

Even that may be little consolation for those who have lost their savings, but there is not much, with the funds of the GLF completely dried up, do kwon can do to mitigate the losses of those involved in the crack.

Silver? They don't count for do kwon or so he says, adding that he lost almost everything in the accident.

I lead a modest life.

What are the chances of seeing Terra Luna in the glories of the past?

Little, even very little, since he will not be able to do automatic pump invent protocols such as Anchor which offer a lot of off-market interest. It does for many USDD, which even cracks but at the same time it is expanding its stable monetary base at a much slower rate than it has Lunar Earth .

Who knows who among our readers will still be moved with pity by the self-inflicted tragedy of a man who has nothing left, not even an ounce of his former credibility. Even today, he says he regrets the way he behaved above all Twitter.

Am I sorry for some of the things I've said in the past? Yes.

Which would certify what the crypto world imposes on everyone: that is to say, keep a certain humility and avoid excessive arrogance, because sooner or later the markets come to punish.

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