Bitcoin and FED rates | The markets have already priced in the “worst case scenario”

The question of interest rate fixed by fed continues to dominate the market and will in all likelihood continue to do so 2022. Rates that cause major difficulties also in the world of equities and not only in the world of crypto.

Taking stock of the situation while uncertainty still reigns supreme in the markets is more than appropriate, especially after an unexciting Asian session and significant price fluctuations even in the short and very short term. With a survey of Reuter which allows us to take stock of the situation.

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For Reuters, the markets have already anticipated significant increases

In other words, increases in benchmark interest rates that NOURISHED should impose a July then in September. According to the survey conducted by Reuter market participants would actually expect 75 basis points next month and then 50 basis points at the end of the summer. If this is confirmed, I markets they would have already discarded those who are considered unanimous by the movements very aggressive or to say it the American way falcon.

Which would be a good news: the markets would in fact already be granted the worst possible scenario and whatever kind of news should come Federal Reserve it must not trigger other jerks, nor on Bitcoin nor on the rest of the sector. Can we breathe a sigh of relief? In our opinion, there are other points to consider before making a decision on how to orient ourselves for the next few weeks.

The Fed has already announced that it will be reactive rather than proactive

A formula that means in a nutshell that inflation data will be a Govern the next moves NOURISHED. We have no reason not to believe in this strategy, because it has already happened in June. In fact, up to 48 before the announcement, everyone was expecting an increase of 50 basis pointswhich was then in fact 75 basis points due to poor inflation data.

Inflation which, such is the new mantra of central banks around the world, would seem very far from being under control. And this could open new scenarios of uncertainty for the next moves of central banks, with in mind NOURISHED. Before being sure, therefore, of what he will do NOURISHED we will have to see how inflation will continue to behave. Inflation largely dependent, by the same admission as Jerome Powell de NOURISHEDissues beyond the control of the US central bank.

What Europe will do is of little or no interest to the markets

And that's bad news for the relevance of our continent. Until today, however, the movements of ECB they had very little impact on the stock and cryptocurrency financial markets. The main concern of Frankfurt it is to avoid public debts like that Italy become unsustainable.

A position much more difficult than that of Federal Reservewith which it can basically only deal with what falls within its mandate, that is to say maximum employment in the face of price stability.

Christine Lagarde there are things that are much more difficult to manage: we cannot play freely with rates and at the same time ignore the situation of certain countries, which may not tolerate too sudden increases. It would be preparing a sort of spread shieldwhich, however, has not yet been communicated in detail, causing more than some perplexity among commentators.

The thing is, at least for now, the markets seem to have believed in another 'whatever it takes'. But for those investing in crypto, barring a chain crack in Europe, it should be below zero.

This data will continue to dominate the markets

less than one decouplingor rather a clear separation between the performance of risky stocks and the world of Bitcoin Et crypto-monnaiesthere will still be the inflation trend to follow.

Inflation, which is the huge price to pay for those who printed money transparently and now also face huge problems in Supply Chain and in the energy market. The situation, whatever the rally in terms of prices says, continues to be the one that requires the most attention from investors.

In the long run, those with CAP need to stay calm

Those with a long-term perspective may need to step away from the chart for a while, also to avoid getting carried away by moves that could instill irrationality in even the most scrutinized investors.

On the fact that Bitcoin he will emerge victorious from this very complicated period there are, at least in our opinion, few doubts, but always with the conviction of deciding for ourselves and not for others. When the bear marker roar again, it's a good time to study and stop trusting exaggerated gurus.

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