Striscia la Notizia attacks Bitcoin and Crypto-currencies | But the accusation does not stand ...

Au Scroll the news, through the narrator of his envoy Marco Camisani Calzolari, we come back to talking about cryptocurrencies, this time associating them with ludopathies and creating the usual cauldron for sensationalist, playing on the most authentic feeling of the human being, namely the fear of the unknown.

A tell stories which now always follows the same canvas, with a gentle introduction and often favorable to cryptography, which however prepares the ground for the juice of the service, that is to say a vertical attack, fragmented, but capable of tickling the lowest instincts. Towards a public who, a little by age and a little by ignorance, can only approach with great suspicion what is, in effect, a Revolution which will also favor them.

Before analyzing what was seen yesterday in Striscia la Notizia, it is good to remember that sea not all cryptocurrencies are the same. Is this platforms like eToro (go here to get free unlimited demo account) offers selection of 31+ projects reliable, with an excellent market capitalization and a solid project behind them.

An intermediary who offers cryptography in the same way as Actions, classic coins and also ETF - tools they never have attack immediately by guru of Band. With tools that also help protect the investor, such as the CopyTrading copy at best (and therefore avoid getting carried away by the "game").

Ludopathy, crypto-currencies and the great cauldron of Striscia la Notizia

Yet another special from Scroll the news dedicated to the world of crypto-monnaies it could also be shared in the bases. Part of the trader and investors is looking for huge profits in a few hours or at most a few days. And it is the gambling behavior - which is nevertheless present - and here the first truth must be re-established - in the world of investments as such and not only in that of cryptocurrency trading.

  • Gambling addiction is serious business: and as such, it must be addressed

The first reason for annoyance for those who, being in the area, watched the service was the extreme lightness with which the theme of gambling addiction was approached. Screenshots of a few studies, extrapolated sentences from the statements of a doctor who would be an expert and then a staggering link with the world of crypto-currencies. Too serious an issue to be approached in this way - and not to be associated with the world of cryptocurrencies so lightly.

There are cryptocurrency investors today Mutual fund, private funds, big banks, listed companies and other types of institutional matters, including pension funds in United States. Are we sure we can close the case by brandishing everything like gambling?

  • Meme token - Sure they all work as Striscia says?

Another relatively subliminal message is one that associates i meme token in the gaming world. Yes, it's true that this niche is generally more volatile - but it is equally true that there is a huge difference between projects like Shiba Inu or how Dogecoin, which contrary to what is said by Undress (although not directly mentioned) - rather it is one of the most stable cryptocurrencies in terms of value in recent weeks.

Understanding trading and intermediaries would have allowed a more realistic reading of the phenomenon

We don't want to set ourselves up as an industry arbiter crypto-monnaies. But we are the first site of readers in Italy in the sector and we have built this huge base that is ours, we say it without any modesty, thanks to the expertise that we insert in our analyzes. It is remarkable how many inaccuracies can be said in just 4 minutes of service - if not sometimes outright lies.

  • Investment forums and social media exist for all markets

No, it's not just cryptocurrency social networks - and it's not just forums on Bitcoin where investors try to exchange views. Fortunately, for over a decade there have been forums dedicated to Actions, Forex and also raw material. Such forums are often led by publishers extremely serious. Without anyone complaining if individuals try to read a market or exchange advice. Why would this be a problem in the case of cryptocurrencies? How would that encourage gambling addiction?

  • No, doesn't bypassing mean betting?

The screenshot shown on the screen, where a user requested this court, this was perhaps the funniest (and absurd) moment of the service, given that the expert from Scroll the news explained to viewers that court it means equal. This is not true, it refers to short sale - which in the world of cryptocurrencies are increasingly difficult to find on the platform - because even exchanges such as Binance they no longer offer them. In both cases it is in no way associated with gambling addiction - it is a legitimate investment practice that they also use big banks. And this is used, again, also on Actions and other titles that Undress he doesn't act like a scarecrow.

The case of football and cryptocurrencies - and the betting world

To complete the picture of the charges which - we hope - will be returned to the sender by directly concerned, which are serious, reliable companies with good balance sheets. Companies that always operate in accordance with the law. The service of Scroll the news, drawing a parallel with the world of sports betting, he underlined how many different there are today Serie A teams that sponsor exchanges or other cryptocurrency related activities.

This is true, just as it is true that gambling advertising is now practically banned in Italy. However, there is one important difference: the activities that sponsor for the Rome, for theInter and since yesterday also for the Lazio they are in fact very structured companies, which follow in detail the instructions of the regulator - or CONSOB - and which, when criticized by it, cease to operate with certain services.

Guess what? Own Binance had been scolded by CONSOB for leveraged products and with short sale incorporated, products which require the possession of certain licenses by the intermediary. What happened after? Simple: Binance in accordance with the requirements of the regulator a cessé to offer this specific type of service. Not bad for a platform which, according to the experts of the Strip, should be associated with the game.

Slander against companies as trustworthy as they are training who sponsor sports teams, if not more.

There are safe and reliable cryptocurrencies that are also part of the portfolio of institutional investors

Talk about crypto-monnaies today is like talking about Actions. In this category we can find practically any, or from solid projects to impromptu projects. To avoid the latter, it is necessary to choose platforms that carry out a selection Mountain and include in the price list only projects that are also considered solid by investors.

eToro - here we can get free demo account for unlimited testing - offers a very selective approach, including in the price list 31+ cryptocurrencies selected for the capitalization and solidity of the project. The best antidote possible ludopathy, also because the financial levers, whatever they say Scroll the news, are limited by ESMA (and therefore by all legal intermediaries) up to a maximum of 1: 2. Little to bet, even against the crypto which can move 10% in a day.

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