Sotheby's launches its metaverse | This will be the basis of the NFT auctions

The famous Auction house Sotheby's - among the most important in the world and among the first to accept crypto-currencies in payment takes a step forward in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. For the next digital thematic auctions - which will involve several TVN, the group will rely on a fully digital experience.

A kind of virtual world like so many others that we have already seen in the blockchain world - especially with Decentraland - a sign that the auction house aims to become the point of reference not only for the richest collectors in the world - but also for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Let's see what will be in the last gimmick of Sotheby's - auction house which so far has not missed any - even in the world of crypto-monnaies.

The metaverse realized by Sotheby's will allow those participating in the auction to immerse themselves in a fully digital experience, as they will be digital works that will be auctioned.

It will indeed be TVN to collect, the first auction group bearing the name of Natively Digital 1.2: collectors. An auction that will take place from October 14 - Thursday - until October 21. And it will throw a flagship event which will be repeated every 2 years, always in the field of NFT.

From the moment we conceptualized our beginnings in the NFT world, we felt that Sotheby's was in a unique position to bridge the gap between classical and digital art on NFT. And so we have decided to align ourselves with the most creative minds in the NFT space to create a unique marketplace that will have personalization as a priority **.

This is the comment of Max Moore - who is co-director of the section digital of the big auction house - which to date is the most active in the sector and which has already accepted payments in Bitcoin et Ethereum, even for auctions that did not concern NFT or the world of blockchain.

As happened with the auction of The key 10138, where the object of desire was a diamond from above 100 carats, which was sold for over $ 12 million, paid for in cryptocurrency.

Art, NFT and cryptocurrencies: where will it be possible?

Far. Not only because DFTs are now officially accepted by Auction house like, how Sotheby's, but because cryptocurrencies can be a great payment method for these types of purchases.

Transfers to 100% safe - practically instantaneous - or in any case enormously faster than international transfers, especially when it comes to sums of this level. A new scope for cryptocurrencies - in general and not just for Bitcoin - which could help the adoption of the latter and the recognition of the crypto-universe as an extremely solid alternative for payments too.

We will be covering the progress of the auction in the coming days - which will be one of the most interesting for those dealing with digital art, both for those who rightly see the cryptocurrency world as the next revolution, which will also overwhelm the art world.

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