Solana: crypto under attack! | What happened and how to protect yourself

While everyone was running towards the keyboards trying to grab a few clicks, we stood at the window trying to figure out what was really happening to the Solarium. A hacker attack would have already drained several wallet users a higher figure, in equivalent value, than 7 millionthe sum continuing to increase while the attack is still in progress.

An admittedly worrying situation, in which, however, the network of Solariumbut rather different types of wallets used on mobile devices.

A situation that may remind more than one even if the goal is to have traders in the form of financial investments trading platforms can provide an additional level of security in these circumstances. Level we can find on eToro - go here to get a free virtual account with top trading tools - intermediary offering access to $ SOL it is at 75+ coins among the largest on the market.

Intermediary which has not been affected by the hack and which, like the classic stock exchanges, is today a refuge where to keep theirs $ SOLwithout, however, taking into account the investment services it offers, such as CopyTrader Et Smart Wallets. With $ 50 we can switch to a real account.

What's going on on Solana?

An attack has already lasted for several hours online wallet and specifically towards Ghost and towards Comb. There are some peculiarities of this attack that are useful to know both for those who are trying to protect their own $ SOL both for those who want to try to understand what happened to Solarium.

  • Online wallet attacked

And as it would seem at least for now if used through your smartphone. It would be the wallet Comb Et Ghost which are among the most used. It is not clear whether users who used them exclusively from browsers were also affected. We use the conditional because no one, at least for now, really knows what is going on in detail.

  • This shouldn't be a problem with Solana's network

Transactions are regularly signed with the correct keys and therefore there is every reason to believe that the attacker has succeeded in gaining access to these keys. No bugs for Solarium therefore, but in all likelihood a Supply chain attackin the sense that it could be the result of a vulnerability found in the shared libraries and used, at this point, as much on iOS how much Android.

What to do if you haven't been hit yet

We basically have two different alternatives for deep breathing. If we are in possession of a portfolio ledger or something else hardware wallettransferring the funds to it puts them in a safe place.

Alternatively, the exchange which we consider safe. All those present on our site are to be considered as useful to shelter yours $ SOL. And so Crypto.combut also Creak, Coinbase and also Binance. We can confirm by direct experience that I $ SOL within these platforms are currently safe.

The story will continue to develop, as details emerge (the hacker allegedly interacted with a Binance wallet around 7 months ago) that could help recover part of the sum or on the contrary bring justice those who set up this system.

A note on “colleagues”

Jumping around with bizarre headlines on issues that involve the money of even many small fishes does not do the category justice. It doesn't honor journalism and it doesn't honor the space we try to cover with the utmost honesty every day.

Sorry to have to spend a few more lines on these events, but you should also try to look in the mirror in the morning without throwing up. The gagging that we are sure to feel if in exchange for a few clicks we continue to stir up fears, tensions and lies without having understood anything about what is really going on, among other things.

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