Shiba Inu Coin: News on the metaverse, TREAT and stablecoin

Shytoshi Kusama try to take stock of what is happening inside the ecosystem of Shiba Inuan ecosystem that perhaps no one, especially among its detractors, would ever have considered capable of overcoming an industry crisis that has sown panic, loss and failure.

And rather Shiba Inu, despite the many detractors, it is still there (and among other things with significant capitalization) and lays the foundations for the next stages of the project. In particular that l2 which he would, they say, need and, listen, hear, a stablecoin.

Good news that will end up supporting a price that has moved better than many other tokens in the sector. It can also be found on eToro's secure platform - go here to get a free virtual account with TOP SERVICES – intermediary who was at the time among the first to $ SHIB quote and which continues to offer the best environment to deal with it in a highly speculative way.

Inside we have the CopyTraderwhich allows us to invest by copying which has the best results on the market, as well as to spy on their functioning, by looking directly inside their wallets. We also have Smart Wallets that allow us to invest in crypto baskets already diversified. With $ 50 we can then switch to a real trading account whenever we want.

Update on the situation on the $SHIB and its ecosystem: where are we?

The posts of Shytoshi Kusamaalthough always sui generishave always had the merit of compacting the community which revolves around the meme token perhaps the most popular of all today. And this time the relatively long post, in addition to containing attacks on Bill Gates it also provides an update on several projects that will be essential to the advancement of the ecosystem.

Even second Shytoshi a cornerstone for the future of Shiba Inu and it will also require effective micro-transactions within the ecosystem. There are new developers, with Fund X which continues anyway for sustainable from the program. Everything would be in order, at least according to what head of chest of the project.

The question is also interesting stablecoin SHIA, of which we will have more details soon. Always according to what is the mouthpiece of the whole movement there Lesson of Terra Luna it would serve and grow for many precautions which should avoid any problems. Here too we are ahead, he underlines Shythoshi to something very experimental. For more news we will have to Wait for some time yet.

It will be a new token that will be part of the ecosystem, which however does not yet have gods use case clear and which will be laid out with all the necessary calm, to avoid cluttering the ecosystem too much. $TREAT will be used as a reward also tied to metaverse ecosystem. Someone complains about the excessive proliferation of tokens related to the project, and the little use of a new introduction. However, this too must be carefully evaluated, taking into account what it really is event in the world of Shiba Inu Coin and all related activities.

There is an admission of delay on the schedule, justified by the complexity of such operations and also by what is happening on the markets.

Shiba returns to make people talk about him: will that be enough?

In our opinion, yes. Although many believed that the world of coin and token meme weakest link in the whole crypto apparatus, in reality there is still a lot of meat on the fire and even the significant move away from the maximum price does not seem to intimidate those with highly structured communities.

We will see if, as has happened in the past, which de facto manages the whole project will be able to carry out all the different projects that have been announced, to shibarium via metaverse and also video game. Lots of meat on the fire which, it is hoped, will indeed be served to aficionados.

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