Ripple: agreement with Palau | CBDC, stablecoin and transfers in 2022

Ripple it also continues to conclude important agreements with the institutions. A few hours ago the announcement of the collaboration with Palau, a small republic which could nevertheless pave the way for a whole series of integrated services on the XRPL, Or XRP Ledger managed by the same group that it controls Ripple.

A collaboration that will involve the creation of an over time CBDC, An stable currency linked to the dollar and a system of cross-border transfers. A good deal for Ripple, which we will analyze in detail in this guide.

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Ripple and Palau deal: here's what it plans

The agreement reached by Ripple Et Palau will mainly concern the creation of a transnational transfer system on the wrong line than what we have already seen in other countries of the world, but with the integration of private entities. It will go through the XRP ledger, one of the most efficient for this type of operations and also one of the most used in the world as an alternative to traditional banking systems.

However, it won't just be about that, as there is a lot more to the deal. Ripple will also be responsible for creating a stable currency related to US dollar, which will be sponsored and managed directly by Republic of Palau. This is perhaps the most exclusive part of the deal, given that for the first time we will have a system of stable currency directly supported by a the state.

The third part of the agreement will be the creation of a CBDC, it's a central bank digital currency, which will be programmable and inserted in portfolio in cryptocurrency style. Something about very different give him classic cryptocurrencies, but which takes place through pilot projects in various states of the world.

A set of chords that launches, for all intents and purposes, Ripple as the first project and first blockchain for these sectors, for significant effects on the health of the entire ecosystem, despite the limited territorial and financial dimensions of Palau.

What does this deal mean for Ripple?

It means a lot, because it is one more step for the penetration of the ai protocol High floors, as well as a very good test bench for the systems that the group is trying to to sell worldwide.

Whether we like it or not fans of authentic cryptocurrencies, CBDC they will be a reality that will soon have to be faced - and for Ripple the possibility of being one of the nerve centers of this is great news Real estate ads.

The Ripple forecast developed by our specialists remain valid despite a long period of stasis in terms of the price of this cryptocurrency. Moment of stasis which was also able to be overcome thanks to the excellent news coming from the tribunal. The lawsuit against SECOND now he has an almost obvious result - and it will only be a matter of time before that problème will disappear from the horizon, allowing a $ XRP to return to organic growth also in terms of price.

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