Ripple: 44 million funds for solar

This Ripple also tries to impose himself as green cryptocurrency it is no mystery to anyone, because the whole group that governs the protocol continues less emissions de $ XRP for some time now.

However, few people would have expected such an investment. According to a recent report Press release, Ripple would have made an investment ESG with Renewable energy Nelnet - for a total of 44 million, in a fund in which it will invest solar energy.

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Ripple bets on ecology: 44 million ESG investments

Ripple has always tried to ride the wave of ecology which, on several occasions, has also become a central theme in the world of cryptocurrencies. This happened when the arrows au Bitcoin and suspected pollution from mining widely circulated in newspapers. Ripple, management said, did not mining and has practically zero consumption for its transactions.

A stance which, however, is now becoming much stronger and more concrete, thanks to an investment in joint venture with Nelnet, for a total investment of $ 44 million. Ripple's partner company, which has a Evaluation E1 ESG assigned by Standard & Poor's and which has established itself as one of the most important groups in the financial sector linked to renewable energies.

With this sum, a solar energy project will be financed - which will end in Ripple Nelnet Renewable Energy Fund - with a shift emissions 1,5 million tonnes de of CO2, during the next 35 years. An amount of offset to render Ripple in fact one cryptocurrency with a negative impact.

What effects can this news have on the price of Ripple?

In a relatively complicated day for the whole sector, with also Bitcoin which is in relative pain, some news has little impact on the market.

However, it is a participation extremely important, of those who can change the Perception of a company, even when it is relevant as Ripple. Therefore, a good choice is to create the fund, even if we have to look at it exclusively through the eyes of investors.

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What to expect from the price of Ripple?

The commitment of Ripple Apart from sectors traditionally linked to the blockchain world, it will also have significant impacts in terms of advertising. And this will have a positive impact on the price. THE XRP target price fixed by our analysts are, in our opinion, still fully valid.

And the noise of the last few hours on the market should in no way be a cause for concern. On the contrary, they seem to be more and more a good window to enter the market.

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