Rare on top of the world with Tyson Fury | + 30% in 24 hours

Despite a market which, with the exception of Bitcoin, continue to struggle, there is altcoin that they record in the last 24 hours significant growth. Between these Scarcity with its governance token $ RARE.

Protocol linked to one of the most important market for TVN - who in recent hours has also crossed his destinies with the heavy weights fitter of the moment, who presented his series of collectibles a few hours before beating the big rival Deontay Wilder. There is only Tyson Fury behind the Rarible Rush? Let's try to understand this in our analysis.

$ RARE, the reference cryptocurrency of the project, is available on Creak (go here to open a free account), one of the world's most widely used intermediaries for investing in cryptocurrencies - and with a wide selection of emerging cryptocurrencies, as in the case of Scarcity. We can use it safely, regardless of the size of our capital to invest.

Tyson Fury defeats Wilder, throws his NFTs, and flies Rarible

The world of TVN, or rather, marketplaces that deal with them, it has become very crowded, with many new projects trying to imitate the success of Scarcity, which has long been one of the points of reference from the universe of collectibles au blockchain.

Such relevance that it was also chosen as a platform by Tyson Fury - heavyweight in great shape - who, just yesterday, knocked out the eleventh round Deontay Wilder - in a third of the matches between the two boxers. A collection of 1 TVN - and therefore in a limited edition - which are still available directly on the platform.

I'm going to list my second NFT collection on Rarible, after my first drop on Hodooi. Only 1000 pieces available. We're leaving tomorrow at 13 p.m. EST. Prepare yourself, DOSSEERS!

A launch which took on all the more importance precisely because it was followed by the -statospheric- success of the Manchester boxer. This is also a relevant question for those dealing with crypto-monnaies, given that it is these initiatives that relaunch platforms such as Scarcity - which in recent weeks had suffered a little from the arrival of new competitors.

Rare, the platform owned by users

$ RARE is at the heart of one of the most interesting protocols in the world, as it is also used to Pay the most active users within the platform. In fact, we are talking about a Plate-forme which mainly pays the users who participate in it, without a strong and greedy commercial organization behind.

The token $ RARE it is also used for the governance - and in some time he will also become the soul of a new DAO, which will lead to the final decentralization of the protocol.

A protocol that we talked about for the first time in Italy - and that turned out to be an excellent intuition, also in the light of + 30% recorded today. Initiatives like those of Tyson Fury, the King of Gypsies who picked up the roof of the boxing world they are only additional signs of the good protocol health and its relevance. The outlook can only be more than positive!

PS: for those who wish to win them, I TVN de Tyson Fury are still available for 0,03 ETH.

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