What are the reasons people are more interested in Cardano?

What are the reasons people are more interested in Cardano?

If you are interested in the world of cryptocurrency, you have already heard about blockchains and their features. In fact, Cardano called in the crypto world ADA is an open source blockchain. Given its capabilities, ADA is also considered a platform that allows the execution of smart contracts. This virtual currency was launched in 2015. It is the first cryptocurrency that was based on scientific research.

The other interesting points about her

In fact, ADA was created by scientists and engineers. Its launch came only after 2 years of research plus a year of development. Cardano is also a collective made up of 3 entities. The first being the Cardano Foundation. She is involved in the management of the Cardano project. She also deals with legal matters. The second being the IOHK or Input Output Hong Kong, which is the company behind the said project. Its mission consists in the study of new paradigms and tools for research in cryptography. The third entity being Emurgo. He is the partner in the launch of the Cardano blockchain.

How to buy Cardano?

It turns you on to know how to buy cardano ? Remember that ADA is an open source, decentralized blockchain that allows you to execute smart contracts. Thanks to its characteristics, ADA can create, maintain or even develop dApps. The actual purchase of Cardano can be summed up in 4 steps.

The steps to follow for the purchase

The first is to open an account with an online broker. The most coveted is eToro. When you go to eToro, you must click on the button "Buy cryptocurrency" or "Join now". This done, you will see a registration form appear. You will enter your username, your email address and your password. Once it's done, you have to move on to the second step.

What about the second step?

It consists of verifying your identity. This is aimed at determining your profile as an investor. It will also help you personalize your experience on the site. The answers to these questions will not be mandatory at this time. You can come back later. However, it is this identity verification that will allow you to take full advantage of the eToro platform. To do this you need to have proof of address. It must be dated at least 6 months. You also need a copy of your ID. Once executed, eToro will analyze them. It is after that it will inform you when your identity will be verified.

The penultimate and final step for the purchase

The third step is the deposit of funds. Note that it is possible to deposit funds from your Paypal account in order to trade Cardano. Deposit by credit card or bank transfer or Skrill or Neteller is possible. And finally, the fourth step is to place a buy order on Cardano. Just do a search for ADA on the home page.

How does Cardano work?

ADA is a platform with different layers. Which makes it flexible. All this makes it easy to maintain its blockchain. Also, this allows for simple updates. This is because ADA blockchains are separated by 2 layers. One is reserved for transactions and the other for applications.

What do the diapers contain?

In the first layer, we find the Cardano Settlement Layer. This is the part that focuses on transactions and transfer between its different actors. There is also the value register. This unit of account is powered by the ADA token. It is divisible into 6 decimal places. Indeed, 0,000001 corresponds to 1 Lovelace. In the second layer, we find the Cardano Computation Layer. It allows to bring a programming language to the blockchain. It will interact with Cardano Settlement Layer in order to result in a payment. It also acts with the aim of achieving a smart-contract. It is also the second layer which acts in the calculations and storage of the operations carried out on CSL.

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