Putin wants Bitcoin | Here is the turning point of crypto in Russia ...

The poutine that you don't expect. After yesterday we gave you an overview of Russia's openness to cryptocurrencies just increase the dose on master father of the country, which confirms that Russia is looking at the world with growing interest Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

A situation which, if the president's remarks were to be followed, could lead to very important upheavals for geopolitics, with trade and international relations still largely based on US dollar.

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Is Russia All-In on Cryptocurrencies?

After the news we gave yesterday in a national preview, a new wind coming from the east has indeed started to be felt in the market. What is certain is that the involvement of Vladimir Putin this brings things to a whole new level, because as we know he is the one who makes the decisions fly, or in any case to give the last word on such important questions.

poutine he first spoke about the ability to crypto-monnaies in terms of payment methods - but without directly referring to Bitcoin or to other cryptocurrencies - then slow down their entry into a benchmark market for Russia, namely oil, without completely closing the door to this possibility.

It is too early to talk about this, as cryptocurrencies can certainly be units of measure, but they are very unstable at the moment. They strive to transfer funds from one place to another, but for the commodity trading, especially if he is energetic, it is still premature to talk about it.

Subsequently, the Russian president expressed his concerns about the lack of cryptocurrency anchor, especially if it is to be used for the oil market.

Poutine alongside Elon Musk...

There was also room to talk Elon Musk, but still in the context of the discussion concerning the crypto-monnaies, with the Russian president highlighting the Tesla CEO's investments as certainly interesting, referring to the investment in Bitcoin - of enormous importance - which the group achieved months ago.

Optimism he shares with the South African mogul also on cryptocurrencies, given that he has also found time to talk about the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

Everything develops and everything has the right to exist. We will see how to move forward, also in terms of accumulation. For now, however, this market fluctuates too much. It's a bit early to talk about it.

So we can put an end to the rumors that wanted one Russia on the path of China, or to a total ban the possibility of using the cryptography in their own economy. Instead, as we reported yesterday, we will likely proceed with a regulation of the same in a restrictive sense, but allowing them within the economy.

With a possible future opening that could still have significant impacts on the world of crypto-monnaies and Bitcoin. Because we are always talking about one of the most important economies in terms of raw materials, which suffers from the excessive power of dollar and who had been looking for a way out for some time.

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