Austrian Post again in NFT | Here are the details of the problem

Strengthened by the philatelic tradition in thisAustriathe local post office has devised a collection of digital stamps to be purchased in the form of Non-fungible token. This is a digital reproduction of the legendary stamps that accompanied the journal Merkur 1851.

The first copies were struck in early July, and further special editions are planned to be acquired individually or in packs, in the tried and tested form of the Mystery box. The block chain reference is that of Ethereum.

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The Austrian Post: philatelic issue again in NFT

His name is Crypto stamp art the collection of NFT issued by the Austrian Post to celebrate the stamps with which 1851 the log has been sent Merkur. The original prints are currently among the most sought after by collectors, with the vermilion color edition becoming extremely rare over time. To complete the series, copies in yellow, blue and pink.

For their new digital version, the block chain reference is that of Ethereuma technology that has now established itself as a benchmark in the field NFT. The Austrian Post has chosen him for this collection which, to tell the truth, does not represent the institute's first foray into the world of cryptography and will certainly not be the last, given that for Crypto stamp art the next editions are already planned.

The first stamp collection NFT Austrians now dates back to 2019with a whale on prints (digital and physical) chosen to pay homage to the world of crypto-monnaiessince the powerful animal represents the ability to influence markets by subjects having wallet particularly nourished.

The first Non-fungible token of the whale were issued in circulation from 150 000 copiessame quantity chosen for the launch of Merkurcult object which since 1851 arouses the interest of collectors.

Art, NFT and… the post office, but not only

At the time, the artist in charge of the prints was identified in Josef Axmancraftsman and copper engraver who for this edition gives way to the contemporary and the pendant PR1MAL NUMBERartist specializing in Non-fungible token who edited the digital edition of the legendary Merkur.

Ours has a very respectable background, and at the head of his studio Encode graphics has already signed collaborations with producers of the caliber of wonder, our old acquaintance and a subject particularly accustomed to the world of digital collectibles.

What is probably the most important production house in the field of superheroes returned home just yesterday, on the occasion of the launch of Thor: Love and Thunderwhose debut will of course be accompanied by a special edition of the film in the form of NFT.

Film to be released in America slightly behind the European edition, with the old continent a few days ahead. Europe the one with the Austrian Post, on the contrary, marks a much more marked advance in the world of philately on chainwith the whale 2019 who is followed today Merkur.

On this subject, we record a nice anecdote: to get the original stamp, you must first buy its physical counterpart. reminds us of the operation scratch wars, a successful card game based on the interaction between physical and digital copies of it. We talked about it during theacquisition of Our Game by Animocaprovided that in terms of chain game Et Non-fungible token has a little something to say.

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