Bitcoin wallet: it's a record | Investors continue to rise

New all time record for Bitcoin, even if we do not speak, for obvious reasons, of price. Having reached a new record is the number of active portfolios, that is, portfolios that have more than zero $ BTC. At the time of writing, according to data that has been disclosed by Glass knot, are more than 39 million addresses that have a part, maybe even a small part, of cryptocurrency.

A news that calms a climate of to worry - as we will see later with the index of fear in the crypto markets - and in a phase of the market which unfortunately still sees Bitcoin affected by lateral movements.

A bullish news, because it means that in any case, despite the static price, new investors continue to arrive in the market. We can invest in this new Positive feeling with the EToro platform - go here to get a demo account with $ 100 of virtual capital and all the features available - an intermediary who offers us a complete web interface to access the more advanced analysis tools.

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Almost 39 million active portfolios, despite the correction

Data is very important for the sentiment Who surround Bitcoin. We are in fact in front of a organic growth very interesting in terms of the number of portfolio which have a positive and non-zero balance.

The infographic we report shows how, in reality, among the increase in portfolio and the increase of price de Bitcoin there is not always a complete match, but the data should also be interpreted in light of a November less crackling provided that. Although the price has moved away from the all time record touched only a few weeks ago, more and more people decided to buy Bitcoin and keep them in the wallet.

Fear is still not at its best, but it probably won't get there

The index of the fear and greed, what we call in English Index of fear and greed is in a situation that signals the greatest fear markets today in the sector of crypto-monnaies, although he is recovering from last week.

A situation which is far from the maximum of Negative feeling which had been touched during the maxi-correction of may Et June. An analysis that can be read as relatively static, also thanks to the maretta returned, at least for the time being, to mainstream financial markets.

How to get around in such a context

Our interpretation is that we are confronted with another phase of accumulation, always or almost preparatory to the impulses of Bitcoin. There doesn't seem to be any objective reason for concern. A signal of this is also the very moderate reaction markets upon the announcement of a possible prohibit for cryptocurrencies in India.

News that in practice is very different from what it really is event in India but which, in other contexts, would still have given rise to major concerns - and equally important corrections. Instead, the market absorbs, a sign that it is still dominated by speculators who I love lateral movements because they usually end up shaking hands with small investors. Our advice, at this precise moment in the market, is to continue to takingbecause there is no sign of a neighbor debacle of cryptocurrency first by market capitalization.

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