Polygon Matic becomes carbon neutral | Why it matters for the future of $MATIC

Polygon would have reached the carbon neutralitythat is to say the total offsetting of the emissions of CO2 of the network by purchasing carbon credits. This was propagated by the the management of the group, in collaboration with KlimaDAO.

Although the environmental issue surrounding the crypto world is often told with a good dose of lies and without foresight, it is still an excellent goal achieved by a network that has always paid attention to subjects burning one of his strengths.

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$400 for zero emissions

Even rather nimble networks like that of Polygon Matic produce emissions, which come from the electrical consumption of the computers that run the network. Polygon had announced last April, so a little more 2 months agothe desire to offset its emissions as quickly as possible.

To compensate, yes, because in reality it is obviously not possible to reduce the emissions of a network to zero. However, as many companies do, they can be purchased credits representing the emissions savings of other companies to be offset. The expenses, according to what has been reported, would be approximately 400 000 $ and it would also have involved the decentralized autonomous organization KlimaDAO.

An expenditure via the coffers of the foundation which will however also be an indirect advertising investment: many are indeed the structured companies which prefer to enter the world of NFTdecentralized finance e block chain thanks to systems that are as ecological as possible. This is a matter of fundamental importance which has also been implicated Bitcoin.

Bitcoin which having no foundations, managers, CEO and other types of organizations that surround it cannot and do not want to react in this way, also taking into account the fact that, as repeatedly demonstrated on these pages, in reality the Bitcoin mining proves to be an important force for the exploitation of renewable energies.

The world entreprise however he must often follow the current trends, rather than dealing with real needs and market mechanisms that can bring things back into balance. And it is perhaps in this sense that we must judge the choice of Polygonrather than taking real data into account.

Green will remain at the center of the debate

In particular, with the entry of large companies into the sector, those which, to be clear, are all busy proving that they are as sustainable as possible.

In this sense, the choice of Polygon Matic it's smart and it's probably what a typical company would do: spend a fundamentally small amount of money to get a badge that's worth a lot in the corporate world. And that, in all likelihood, will play an important role in the future of the network and its ability to penetrate the market.

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