Polygon invests in Epic League

epic league work on dark throne, an action game with extremely sleek graphics that promises remarkable playability. The title is part of a sequel that will be developed in the near future, thanks to a huge fundraising operation.

In two separate rounds, the company raised respectively 60 Et 100 million dollars. Among the investors are Polygonla green chain increasingly ready to intercept the right projects, and at the right time.

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Polygon investments again: here is Epic League

epic league appears on its site as the hub of the best games on block chain. A platform that puts users first, with its governance tokens that give back a central role to the community. A philosophy whose scope video game it generates an ever increasing number of proselytes.

Users who surely watch with curiosity the final version of dark throne, the first title in a series that, given the premises, promises to be a sure success. At least we wish epic leaguewhich he found in the block chain de Polygon a respectable partner for this new adventure.

La tweeter refers yesterday to the official press release that the platform published and in which we read the two loans of 60 and 100 million dollarsthat they saw Polygon VenturesNeowiz, Griffin Gaming Partners and other industry names embrace the cause of epic league.

With the launch of the full version, we will unveil new modes and features, as well as important services such as non-fungible token rentals. Of course, we are also developing the token market, and we are trying to make the user experience simple and intuitive, even for those who are not familiar with blockchain games. We will place great emphasis on advanced GameFi services, and working with Polygon in this regard is of strategic importance.

The words of Jay Kimgeneral manager of epic league, condenses in a few sentences the concepts most appreciated by the latest generation gamers. Starting with NFT generated the Polygon To arrive at a political governance and a certain ease of use, the title has all the assets to reap a success that one imagines important.

Another turning point in the world of video games

A recipe that will certainly be appreciated by the general public, with the game running indiscriminately on PC and smartphones, and with users who can access both versions from a single account. The final release is expected for the end of August, but already from monday 8 it will be possible to pre-register via crypto wallet Metamaskto receive additional gifts on the occasion of the official launch.

Good news for game lovers on chainfor epic league and also for Polygonwith the protocol based on Ethereum which lately sounds one hit after another. Lately we told you about ZkEVMa revolutionary scaling solution that promises a dramatic increase in transactions without compromising protocol security.

An important step that will certainly not be missed Stuttgartwhere the peaks Mercedes have signed an agreement with Polygon to create a complex and innovative data management platform.

To the high-sounding names cited above, we must also add that of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporationa huge Japanese banking group that has found in the carbon neutral blockchain the ideal partner for its key development Web3.

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