More than 8M Ethereum in Staking

He is moving at full speed staking au Ethereum 2.0, which is still in phase beta and technically separate from the main network. In fact, the $ 28 billion in value which have already been blocked on the test network.

Reminding our readers that these are sums that cannot be released before merge - we underline the importance of figures of this type, which signal the enormous confidence that many investors, large and small, have in the possibility that the project will indeed move to version 2.0.

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In the deposit agreement exceeded 8 million tokens

In the network deposit agreement Ethereum in which the tokens end $ ETH put inside staking 6,5 million had been reached token already in August. An amount that many had considered the upper and maximum limit - beyond which payments would slow down. However, this did not happen, because in the last 2 months and just over 1,5 million tokens have been added, for a total that exceeds 8 million today and which, at current prices, exceeds i $ 28 billion in value.

This is extremely important news for the entire network of Ethereum - for the world of decentralized finance and also for investors. Let's see why together.

  • Effects on the circulating Ethereum stock

The beyond eight million ETH that have been staked are no longer available for the market. And they cannot be until there has been an official and effective transition to merge with Ethereum 2.0. It's still months away and it could have a squeezing effect on the supply of $ ETH au exchange. If the supply and demand curves have any validity ...

The huge amount of Ethereum which are already completed in staking they are also an excellent sign of confidence, often of very large investors, in the transition to Ethereum 2.0. The pressures will increase for the team, but at the same time more and more investors will feel secure investing even more. $ ETH in staking - contributing to the above effect.

Ethereum technical analysis: the current market situation

No doubt the barricade of the next few hours, in both directions, will be around 3 500 $, a threshold which, in recent days, has acted as a turning point between the feeling haussier Et bear. To understand how it could move in the next few hours Ethereum, we will also use what is offered to us by the technical analysis, starting from the moving averages calibrated at 1 week.

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1 week moving averages on $ ETH

Weekly moving averages are all positive - a sign that at least the chart is believing in an upcoming bull run. However, another analysis will be added to this analysis, which will use the main ones instead. indicators technical analysis.

Technical information on $ ETH at 1 week

Here, too, the picture is extremely positive - a sign that this will be the direction in which the future is heading precisely for technical traders. A good sign, knowing that always for this type of interpretation, the first significant resistance is around the 3 610 $ and therefore there is still a long way to go.

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