Pay the ticket in Bitcoin | This can be done with Oxford City Football Club

THEOxford City Football Club will sell tickets for the stadium of Bitcoin. Fans of the English club will also be able to use the cryptocurrency to buy food and drink at the home establishment via Lightning Network.

The team is supported in the operation by coincorn isa very popular exchange in UK among companies operating in Bitcoin. Exchange which will also be the official sponsor of the match which will open the 2022/2023 championship on August 6.

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Football and Bitcoin: Oxford wants them in exchange for tickets

THEOxford City F.C. militates in National League Southsixth division of British football and a semi-professional league born in 2004 of the split of Soccer Conference in two separate series. Ours are called to face 20 other teams from the south of the country, in a championship with an Italian group and play-offs finished last year in fifth position.

The club exists since 1882a long story but not so full of satisfactions for the 11 who plays Court Square Farmstadium than in the 2018 recorded the attendance record with 2 supporters coming for the friendly match on July 276 againstOxford United.

Supporters of the Villas instead, they will find more satisfaction in the crypto breakthrough the club has in store for them. Of 6 August fans will be able to purchase admission tickets by paying Bitcoin through Lightning Network.

Food and drink administered inside the almost glorious arena of Villas they can be purchased in the same way, all thanks to the collaboration that the club has formed with coincorn isone of the main exchange active in Grande Bretagne and team sponsor.

Over 3 million Britons own and use bitcoin, and in the last year we have seen that population increase by one million. We are convinced that this technology will take hold more and more quickly and will soon become a standard for all of English football.

These are the words of Justin Merrittco-owner and president ofOxford City Football Clubwhich can thus boast of being the first club to adopt payments in Bitcoin in National Leagueand not just in the South Division.

Not just Bitcoin: crypto and football more and more…

Great enthusiasm for Bitcoin by the English club, which on the occasion of the first championship will sport the new t-shirts with the logo of the cryptocurrency par excellence on the back of the players. A first for the team of Justin Merritt represents an important step.

This is the first time that English semi-professional football has adopted a cryptocurrency, demonstrating the capillarity that these assets can take advantage of in a country whose financial solidity has been called into question by the controversial events linked to the Brexit.

A country that knows something about football, and which today finds itself registering yet another happy union between football and crypto in the broadest sense. Without disturbing the teams of first league, division yet already accustomed to crypto-currencieswe recently told you about the first player bought on the basis of a popular vote.

We are always in Englandand the case concerns Jayden Davis in Crawley Town following a plebiscite attended by fans with NFT issued by the club.

fly across the ocean, yesterday again we told you about the Giuliano Galoppo casesold since Banfield Athletic Club au Sao Paulo soccer club for 8 million $USDC.

Here too A league is not stingy with news in this direction, with me NFT tickets for Lazio fans to pave the way for what we write today aboutOxford City Football Cluba team which on August 6 will wish for its new course in the match againstEastbourne Borough Football Club. Go City, it seems a must.

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