Parachain on official Polkadot | Endless Bull Run for $ DOT

Extraordinary moment of form for Because - teleprinter $ POINT - which is the largest capitalization cryptocurrency with the highest growth in last 24 hours. Quota easily exceeded $ 40 - henceforth aim for short and medium term objectives.

What happened? What - we say it without false modesty - we repeat in the pages of - we have been repeating it for a few weeks now. The arrival of the auction on parachain would have contributed to a big boom for the token. A boom that didn't stop there - and that will continue to drive crypto higher.

Cryptocurrency which was recently also listed on the eToro, leading crypto platform (go here if you want to receive the free unlimited trial account), an intermediary who asserts himself as one of the most attentive to thick cryptocurrencies.

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Polkadot announces the vote on parachaines and the token flies

It all started yesterday when Because announced through its social networks the first step for the arrival of canes on parachaine who have already raised the price of his canary network Kusama.

5 years after the heterogeneous vision of a multichain framework which animated the Whitepaper Polkadot, the parachains are ready to be launched on the network. Motion 118 has passed the stage of of the Board of and now ready for public voting.

An ad that - as correctly predicted a few days ago by - triggered a rush to buy the token $ POINT, with strong growth in volumes across all the main cryptocurrency exchange. Something predictable, but which, as we will see later, will not necessarily lack its propellant charge in the coming hours.

If we followed Kusama's example

If we were to follow the example of Kusama, we would be faced with a growth trajectory that will continue with each auction which will be made public and therefore the possibility that in the medium term I Polka dot course objective that our specialists have indicated.

A propulsive thrust which, although expected, has not been diminished. This is a sign that the cryptocurrency market is not discounting too much in advance. news, even if it is only a matter of time.

What to expect from Polkadot's future?

In terms of price, we think $ 50 be the next major resistance - for which triggering confirmation will likely suffice first auction. As for the medium and long term, we expect that the protocol, already very important, will resume a centrality in the world Challenge further strengthened. Which will probably lead him to reach i long term goal.

We - and we repeat it once again with all the intention of emphasizing our intuitions - have already advised in the past to follow this cryptocurrency. And we also included it in ours crypto investment wallet, a portfolio that we update periodically and whose $ POINT it has been a fundamental element since its creation.

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