New audit for Tether | Passed the "black week" without problem

The whirlwind of FUD who keeps knocking Attachedin our opinion completely unjustified, perhaps he will find peace after the latest announcement of the group that manages the most important stablecoin.

All in an interview with Paolo Ardoino for EuroMoneywhere he explains both who the subjects will be and what is happening in the parts of the stablecoin that many consider essential to the proper functioning of the crypto market.

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Tether overcame the crisis without flinching

The first data communicated by Paolo Ardoino it is really impressive. The group faced liquidations for approximately ten% of his reservations without flinching. who knows a minimum operating mode banks are well aware that such a sum, withdrawn in such a short time, would create problems for even the strongest of banks. So if you give Attached at least we expect the solidity of a bank detailwe can say that we are there.

We have shown that in the worst case scenario – as Terra Luna sinks, the whole crypto market crashes, and so does the stock market – we receive a huge amount of withdrawal requests and honor them within minutes. Tether received requests for 10% of its total assets, without batting an eyelid, and we could have done so much more than that. In total, in 10 days, we are talking about 11 billion, 13% of our assets, without any problem.

All this, as he remembers EuroMoneyalthough there are still characters who courtano USDTthat is to say who bets on the loss of the ankle for that stablecoin. With many continuing to ask for more in-depth audits which, to the real surprise of the interview, will happen.

New audit of one of the top 12

There will be an audit of MHAwhich will not be a leading company in the sector, but which will be second Paolo Ardoino however, it is among the first in the world.

I think it's one of the top 12, so not bad. The Big Four (Deloitte, EY, PwC and KPMN, NDR) are more cautious about offering a full audit when the rules are unclear.

In reference to the complex and often deficient regulatory framework that surrounds the sector. Something that's a problem for too Ardoinowho hopes that terra luna fissure can speed up an intervention by the legislator, also welcoming this it's moving to the USA.

If you offer something like stablecoin in the market, it has to be stable, period. It can't happen that someone wakes up in the morning and creates a new cryptocurrency, pegged to another cryptocurrency, pegged to goodwill, and calling it a stablecoin.

We will see how the situation develops. For the moment, having no connection with the company but having had none only by Paolo Ardoinoon video, we have no reason to doubt its solidity.

Here too, shortly after the Terra Luna disaster, we had the opportunity to address the most important questions concerning the world crypto Et stablecoin. Including this FUD on which Paolo Ardoino clearly expressed his bewilderment cui prodest?

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