Grayscale: target of the metaverse | 1 trillion dollars of market

When he speaks Shades of grey, for obvious reasons, it may be the case to listen. The investment company that is responsible for the largest Trust au Bitcoin recently commented on the phenomenon Metaverse - the sector which continues to turn during a not very bright market phase for the rest of the crypto-currencies.

And the ideas of Shades of grey they will surely do Plaisir to those who have already invested in protocols like $ MANA, $ SAND ou $ GALA. The train, second Shades of grey, it would not have completely passed yet.

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Shades of grey is a name well known to readers of After all, we are talking about one of the most important managers in the world when it comes to crypto-monnaies. American institutional funds still look to the products of this group for exposure on Bitcoin, as they do for tokens and small coins.

In his habit monthly report the group pointed out that the next interesting sectors for the blockchain world will all have to do with the world of metaverse and * Web3. Prediction? The whole sector could become valid in the future too 1 000 billion dollars.

A large sum also for protocols that are already worth a lot - such as Mana Decentraland Et The sandbox. However, it should not be forgotten that the entire sector is in embryonic stage and who recently started embark even large groups - both financially and in terms commercial, as in the case of the arrival of Adidas on the sandbox.

Credible forecasts? We try to make reports

Taking today's market prices, a sector metaverse de 1 billion, as they say abroad, it would mean twice du capitalization de Ethereum. Something absolutely unthinkable today. We take into account that the most capitalized project in the sector is worth today just under 9 billionis less than 1/100 of the objective set by Shades of grey.

Shades of grey is therefore wrong? Probably not, because the reasoning made by the big crypto investment group must have been this: projects will increase, the metaverse will also see the entry of software and social groups of huge dimensions (think Facebook) and at the same time will become a much more relevant part of our lives.

As we spend more time in these digital world experiences, we will also be spending more money in these bit realms to build our social standing within online communities.

In addition, the speech of Shades of grey it also includes video game experiences such as Grand Theft Auto, which reduces the share by 1 trillion. For the cryptocurrency sector, which will become essential even for the most commercial realities, this remains excellent news. Corrections made by some protocols in the last few hours should not be a cause for concern.

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