NHL Enter the World of Web 3 | Are you looking for a specialist for...

With an evolution Web3 in place for some time, National Hockey League is looking for a framework to be included as Director, Innovation – NFT & Blockchain.

The professional will be in charge of the project Innovation for NFT and Blockchainwith the maximum division of hockey determined to create an ecosystem on chain very structured. Once again the fans will be the center of attention.

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Even big hockey wants its slice of Web3

Yes, they are getting serious. We have followed the events of National Hockey Leaguesince it is known that the elite of the American ice patch did the first business with Sweet design a collection of Non-fungible token.

Few details leaked at the time, but on the fact that in LNH we started talking NFT there was no doubt. To highlight those early rumours, however, there were a few things that didn't go unnoticed. First, the involvement of Players Associationwhich suggested something structured.

Impression confirmed by the declarations of David Lehanskiwhich from the upper floors LNH describes the fledgling project as a cross between market Et NFT Trade, all for the use and consumption of the many fans. At the same time, the idea of ​​putting into circulation was dreaded tokens related to highlights in a manner quite analogous to what happens in NBA.

The announcement that National Hockey League posted on his LinkedIn confirms yesterday's news and speculation, with an unequivocal headline: the league is looking for a character to fill the role of Director, Innovation – NFT & Blockchain.

The professional will have to develop the business, as well as a solid network made up of commercial and technological partners, developers, companies in the sector, experts in block chain and multi-level investors. Not an easy task, and that clearly shows how important it is LNH flow into the project.

To infinity.. and the metaverse

The first American hockey league intends to explore the opportunities generated by the market NFT has to offer. Opportunities still partly to be explored, but which have already proved to be resolutely profitable in other disciplines.

Where it is possible to involve the soul of the fans, I Non-fungible token become an extraordinary loyalty and monetization tool. He knows something Binancewho in sport has already shown that she knows how to manage passion and turnover very well.

Especially fans of Laziowho with theexchange they have a special relationship. The latest gadget from CZ takes the form of NFT tickets to access the stadiumwith the north curve happy to take advantage of the many collateral initiatives that fans have in store for fans.

Initiatives of all kinds, all aimed at fans, and just in case Town of Crawley have found, to date, the maximum expression of what is possible to achieve with me Fan Token. We do not know if they are on the other side of the ocean, but in LNH they are serious: we are waiting and preparing to write about another good initiative in favor of the fans, of any sport.

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