NFT: Starbucks is there too! | The company invests in Web 3 and…

Starbuck the path of evolution in tonality continues without delay Web3, announced in recent months and which will be unveiled in detail at the end of the summer. We have closely followed the giant on this path, with today's statements confirming what has already been recorded previously.

With the user at the center of attention, the company will focus on Non-fungible token to offer immersive experiences and create a community of brand loyalists. The next step, metaverse?

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Always great groups: now it's the turn of Starbucks

Starbuck confirms what is reported in the win calls beginning of May: the company invests in technologies related to block chain for a biological development plan, in Web3. We were talking at the time of Non-fungible token linked to real-world experiences: confirmed guideline, of which we now know something more.

The coffee giant would think of a reward system that would result in exclusive experiences and digital collectiblesstill on the theme of coffee, and which will be functional to the loyalty of customers and the creation of a real community, in the real world.

On the concept of community CEO from Starbucks, Howard Schultzseems to want to put particular emphasis, calling into question the notion of third place digital so dear to American sociology. A concept that emphasizes the importance of places and aggregation opportunities for communities.

The most attentive will surely have had intuitions similar to ours, in reaction to the thought of Howard Schultz in fact of third place digital, and to which we will return shortly. For now, attention remains focused on the executive, who bluntly states that the transaction in question is only a small part of a much larger plan.

At the moment no other details have been disclosed, for which we will have to wait until 13 Septemberdate on which the annual will take place Investor Day stand in that of Seattle.

NFT and Web 3 land on Wall Street

A plan which, we remember, has been in place for some time, and which has not failed to arouse discussions, even attacks on the part of certain employees. At the center of the controversy was the environmental issue, also addressed by Brady BrewerCMO Starbuck when the company began to unveil its plans NFT to the press. The story had ended up in our line of sight due to the important news announced by the coffee giant.

On this occasion, we also underlined the extent to which the company wanted to take its brand out of traditional stores, with the aim of offering atransversal experience to his audience.

The experience, and we return here to the intuitions mentioned above, which must more and more often be declined in the virtual, to be precise in the metaversevu developments undertaken by the institutions and companies in this sense, and from the most disparate commercial sectors. Also for Starbuck will it be like this? We have to wait until 13 September to find out more: we will certainly come back to the piece.

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