Morgan Stanley returns to Bitcoin

Static Bitcoin price? This does not appear to be a problem for the large US banking groups, with Morgan Stanley which increases its position on Bitcoin, although indirectly.

This is what shows the last deposit of the big American investment bank, which bought other shares of the Trust BTC de Shades of grey, vehicle until a few weeks ago preferred by institutional investors, than in the United States they had no great alternatives.

This too - along with others we have given over these days - is great news for Bitcoin - on which we can invest with eToro - go here to get a 100% free virtual account with all the features available - wait for the end of the lateral movements and resume bull run.

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Morgan Stanley customers buy Bitcoin

Even if the news circulating on the net designates the group as buyer Morgan Stanley, in reality the question is more complex. Because indeed the large banking group, which offers investment services to a certain clientele Mole, buys on behalf of its own funds, which in turn are in the hands, via quotas to customers.

Bitcoin, indirectly by the Trust de Shades of grey it was in fact purchased, but to be included in different wallets - which we had already told you about on the pages of Portfolios made available to the group's clients. However, there have been some large buys, which we report in order, reminding our readers that these are positions activated by 30 September:

  • around 700 shares Our collection Growth portfolio, which to date amounts to approximately $ 30 million;
  • other 600 shares they were bought byInsight Fund, which is still part of the products managed by the bank;
  • Around 500 shares have also been added to the Global Opportunities Portfolio.

Globally, we are around the 85 million at the current price of Grayscale's Trust Fund shares. This commitment is perhaps not huge compared to that of many private companies, but in any case the sign of a great appetite of institutional investors for $ BTC.

A commitment which, among other things, has arrived at a not very encouraging stage for BTC, since these are all purchases made by 30 September, before that chocober which took the price of the first cryptocurrency on the market to an all-time high.

Will ETFs change this behavior?

Probably yes, because they are much easier to manage too Morgan Stanley and since Prime compared to real market prices, it is much lower. We are therefore facing a turning point with the products of ProShare and also other funds, others may be accepted even before the end of the year.

Institutional fever for Bitcoin is far from weakening - and this is the news, clear of short term noise, which we must use to take a position in the market.

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