META opens up to Flow and digital collectibles | The service already in more than 100 countries

Big announcement day around the world crypto Et Bitcoin. After Black rock it's actually the turn of Demiwhich announces the integration with Coinbase Walletwith Dapper and also with the Stream Blockchainwith this latest integration seemingly a predictable evolution of what the band has already been up to in recent weeks.

Another large group which therefore opens to the world of crypto with an approach by managing third-party services, will perhaps change what had been its strongly centralizing, clear and crystalline attitude, at least in our way of seeing things, since the beginning of the group.

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Zuckerberg Announces Coinbase, Dapper, and Flow Integration

The announcement would come directly from Marc Zuckerbergas a member of groupe who goes to 3 Internet and trying not to miss the train metaverse and the gods NFT.

According to what was reported by several newspapers United States, Zuckerberg reportedly announced the launch of a digital collectibles program that will already be present in the launch phase in more than 100 countries and that it will offer companies and creators the possibility of using the group's social networks as a showcase on a global scale.

They can connect Coinbase Wallet Et Dapperin addition to others wallet like, how Rainbowbut also Metamask Et Trust and there are no commissions for this type of service. A leap forward, which adds to what the company had already announced some time ago and it's a blow not only for the company of Zuckerbergbut also for the projects concerned, as well as for the reach that these technologies will be able to achieve precisely thanks to the commitment of companies Zuckerberg.

A commitment that will not please everyone, given the poor record on confidentiality and decentralization of the group of companies led by Zuckerbergbut which at the same time expands – and by a lot – the audience of subjects who can effectively to connect to to the world of NFT and digital collectibles.

Good news for Polygon and Flow too

What are the two reference protocols for this project Demi and that they will surely see usage volumes grow excessively if the plan of Zuckerberg should actually prevail.

A shot that is actually part of a bigger picture, which he will see Demi also participate in the implementation of virtual worlds and especially to try to become a center concrete for the exchange of NFT and digital collectibles. The company run by Zuckerberg it is, in this sense, always at year zero. And we will have to see if, how and when he can fill the difference.

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