MercadoLibre will have its own crypto wallet | It starts with Brazil

The greatest service of e-commerce deLatin America, the popular Free market $ ML, announced that it was ready to offer its customers a portfolio for the crypto-monnaies, which will also allow direct purchase via fiat currencies.

An approach which is not too surprising - given that the group had already shown a great interest in the world of cryptocurrencies - but which opens (for the moment only in Brazil) the world of crypto-assets to a wide public and which is experiencing significant growth.

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MercadoLibre opens up to wallets, but it's not the first adventure in the crypto world

Free market, which is the largest group linked to e-commerce of all the Amerique du Sud this is not the first time that it has opened up to cryptocurrencies. Last May had bought $ 8 million in Bitcoin, thus becoming another publicly traded company to have $ BTC at the register. But now things are getting a lot more serious, because according to what has been reported by Bloomberg, which cites internal sources, the group would be ready to propose a portfolio.

He will leave Brazil, with the portfolio that is already at an advanced stage of for sustainable and that it could see the light of day in a few weeks. it will be there pivot point more complex operations that will affect the group's relationship with the main cryptocurrencies, starting with Bitcoin.

We have researched and learned before deciding to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. This has enormous potential for the future and places us in a whole new market for us.

This is the comment of Tulio oliveira, Which one is vice president of MercadoPago - the group's division dedicated to payment systems. Again as reported by Olive tree, the portfolio would have already passed the beta phase without major issues and would be ready for release.

Why is this important to the world of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin?

Because the group will probably have to acquire stocks important to allow exchange within his wallet, thereby increasing the already significant exposure he has to Bitcoin and adding more cryptocurrencies.

Secondly, it will mean, for the Brazilian public, the possibility of accessing through an intermediary that they know very well in the world of crypto-monnaieseven with small amounts. A broadening of the perspective of the whole market which will then continue to other markets as well.

MercadoLibre operates throughout South America and has decided to start from Brazil with the experimental phase of the portfolio, to then offer it again in other countries. Let's talk about other relevant savings, such as Argentina, But also Colombia Et Uruguay.

The group, relatively unknown in Italy, is in fact the first for sales volumes e-commerce - top on the continent too Amazon. It is about repairing the relevance an news of this type. Another great success for the crypto world, whose expansion is now unstoppable.

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