Italians invest in Bitcoin | But they also like Cardano and Algorand…

The data comes exclusively from EToro platform about the way they are invest the Italians in the cryptocurrency market. And although many of our compatriots' choices are relatively obvious, in reality we have several surprises, even with a broker who only offers the top of the market.

A situation, that Italian, which follows the European almost perfectly, interesting because it is the first European platform for investments in cryptocurrencies even for staggered volumes.

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Bitcoin is king, but for how long?

Nothing new compared to the first place, with Bitcoin which continues to be the most traded on the platform eToro. However, what is most relevant is that the growth in terms of volumes on this asset has been only du 5%. Let's say only, because other cryptocurrencies have actually reached much more interesting levels.

Secondly, as we will see, there is a surprise, with Ethereum which, according to data published by cryptography specialist of the platform Simon peters, was ousted by a new entry on the podium.

Cardano in second place, Ethereum in third, then ...

In fact, in the second place, we find Cardano, which on the one hand was driven by the arrival of smart contract on his platform, the other on the possibility of automatic staking on eToro, which was inaugurated by the platform in the last quarter.

The third place is rather occupied by Ethereum, which precedes the piece of money for excellence Dogecoin. A situation perhaps more expected and predictable in positions far from the first.

How Italians Invest in Minor Altcoins

With regard to the altcoin of lower impact in terms of capitalization we have al fifth place Ripple, then followed by Tron and IOTA, the latter having attracted various investors during the last quarter also thanks to the significant growth recorded in the market.

We are therefore in the full river bed du 45 crypto-currencies chosen by us for investment, the Italians also appreciating Shiba Inu token, in 15th place among the 31 crypto-currencies available on the platform, then Enjin to the twenty-sixth place. This is also a predictable situation, although for the token itself we expect a strong growth in terms of investment with the next data that will arrive, also taking into account the growth and boom Last week.

Overall, Italians follow the our indications in terms of investing in cryptocurrencies - with some that we believe will soon take up much larger spaces. Polygon experienced growth in transaction volumes on eToro higher than 470%, while Algorand even increased by869%.

Italians therefore also like to diversify, but always looking for very solid projects and they can offer a good one solidity also in terms of future prospects. All of this in data reporting the darkest quarter of last year. With the resumption of growth for Bitcoin, which will be followed by a new mini-season for altcoin, we are convinced that Italian investors will continue to invest more and more.

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