The Sandbox agrees with Lionsgate | The great cinema in the metaverse

The sandbox Et Lionsgate Studios are preparing a tribute to the seventh art on $ LAND of the popular platform, complemented by a digital and official presence of an equally popular audience of artists.

Cinematic characters can be customized by players using Non-fungible token created for others. It is still unclear whether and at what level an exchange of NFTI am so dear to player on the channel and a theme always at the center of discussions in this context.

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Ciak, let's play

This time we tell you about a happy encounter on metaversewhich arises from the collaboration between two excellences in the field chain game and film productions. We are talking about The sandboxreference platform in the field metaverseEt Lions Gatesituated at Vancouver and which until a few years ago was the largest distribution company in terms of independent films and television productions North part America.

The Canadians will participate in the strong project of their historic shoulder which responds to the name of Millennium Mediaa production house based in Los Angeles who put his signature on films such as The Expendablesseries with stainless steel Sylvester StalloneAttack on Power – Olympus has fallen, e John Rambo of 2008, fourth nowadays final chapter of the successful saga that began in the distant past 1982.

The efforts between the three companies will create a metropolis called city ​​of actionevocative name that will allow players to identify with the epic characters of mainstream cinema, to customize with NFT as you like.

Among the names that we will find in $ LAND appear the timeless Rambo and the popular Hellboythe protagonist of the comic strip who quickly found himself on celluloid, to animate a mini-saga which 2019 it is very popular with action, adventure and sci-fi fans.

Public chat The sandboximpressive metaverse pop freak aggregatorwe already find the transposition of productions of the caliber of The dead who walkand not even the merry brigade of Smurfswith a game obviously based on block chain Et Non-fungible tokenand behind which we find Animoca brandsfor another our old acquaintance and point of reference in the world of games NFT successful.

Let's talk about cinema again

Collaboration between The sandbox, Lions Gate Et Millennium Media makes us write about another triad who sees their happy marriage bloom metaversewith crypto-monnaies Et video game on chain who marry the magic of the seventh art.

The cinema which then returns to explore, albeit in a more playful version, the opportunities offered by Web3 in a broader sense. Not so long ago we were telling you about Anthony Hopkins and its crypto-tower with a lot of extension Ethereum to his official Twitter account, and to Spike Lee ce had chosen the same cryptocurrency to finance independent productions.

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