El Salvador buys 100 Bitcoins

The corrections they don't seem to be scary Le Salvador - country which already owns a lot of Bitcoin and who, once again, kept faith in the motto buy the dip. From what has been reported by Nayib Bukele, President of the Central American country.

Le Salvador he bought 100 additional Bitcoins, which is added to the announcement, a few days ago, of the birth of Bitcoin City. On an added note and that could bring good humor back to the markets. El Salvador's latest purchase had then started, after a few days, a new race of Bitcoin.

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Bukele announces on Twitter: “We bought another 100 Bitcoins

With style flamboyant which distinguishes it, Nayib Bukele communicated by his official Twitter account that you bought 100 additional Bitcoins.

El Salvador "redeemed the decline". 100 additional pieces at reduced price. #Bitcoin " 

Message that unleashed one of the biggest enemies of Bitcoin, the known (and not too liked) Peter Schiff, who commented:

It is a shame for the Salvadoran people. I wonder how many more drops before you cut losses and sell?

The total of coins currently held by El Salvador, unless transactions have not been reported, is expected to amount to 1220 BTC, which at the current price a just over $ 66 million. Certainly not a huge sum, in particular for a State, but nevertheless a step further for El Salvador which, with Bitcoin it is evolving on several fronts.

It was announced a few days ago. It will be a city without taxes (if not VAT) and which should attract investors and operators of the sector Bitcoin. All in a larger project that will see the country make Bitcoin mining with the volcanic (and clean) energy that the country is rich in.

  • Pet hospital

The work of which is already well advanced and which has been financed, in fact, with the Gain that the Central American country has achieved thanks to Bitcoin. Another advantage the country enjoys to enter the room at prices much lower than today.

Where will the relationship between Bitcoin and El Salvador go?

It depends on your point of view. Projects Nayib Bukele they are very ambitious, and they are already well advanced. It will then be necessary to ask in the future whether the successor of the current Salvadoran president will want to continue in the same way.

During this time I bitcoins they enjoy the first state on which they have chosen to rely Bitcoin - an algorithmic central bank, which does not practice expansionary monetary policies and which is the the strongest piece of all time.

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