Prince Albert of Monaco is in the crypto world!

There Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation can now count on a dedicated App, designed on the blockchain of Digital bits. Supporters of the association will be able to make donations by crypto-monnaiesfor an active project in environmental protection.

So back to our news Digital bitsthat we already knew because of its relationship with theas Romaof which he has been the technical sponsor for more than a year now.

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The Fondazione Principe Alberto takes off in the world of cryptography

There Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation born in 2006 defender of the environment, spokesperson for a model of sustainable development. Active worldwide, the foundation promotes dialogue between political institutions, the scientific community and representatives of international economies on delicate issues such as the fight against climate change and the development of sustainable energies.

The last two points are now a fixed presence in the agenda of the sector which refers to crypto-monnaiesa real industry which as such has its own impact on the environment like the other subjects involved in the production of goods and services.

The industry that matters virtuous examples of carbon neutralityproving himself on the track and making his character Green a waving flag at times, unfortunately, even for fruitless internal skirmishes.

We refer in particular to the attacks that periodically target certain radicalized positions in proof-of-stake environments. Bitcoin, cryptocurrency par excellence and constantly attacked by central institutions, often with the pardon of its environmental impact.

Attacks denied by the facts, as the recent report shows, for example compiled by Bitcoin Mining Councilwhich highlights how in the face of ever-increasing computing power, miners are experiencing a commensurate decrease in the energy used, with renewables increasingly being adopted in parallel.

A necessary digression, but not off topic, to frame the work of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundationwho chose the block chain de Digital bits to develop an app to raise user awareness and expand fundraising.

Environmentalism, crypto and...

Funds to promote environmentally and ecosystem-friendly policies that will help the organization continue on its laudable path. Users will be able to make a donation directly from their smartphone, thanks to the wallet integrated into the application.

Fans will also be able to buy tickets NFT to participate in thematic events or to actively support the activities of the foundation. The choice of Digital bits it is not at all accidental, the platform guaranteeing a certain speed and at the same time a limited environmental impact.

The partner of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation it is also an old acquaintance of ours, since we saw him make agreements with ASRoma exactly one year ago, when the block chain became the technical sponsor of the Capitoline formation.

Football commitments that draw heavily on the most prestigious clubs in the A leaguewith Digital bits which is also among the crypto sponsors ofIntera team that the professional press is now talking about continuously, due to some sponsors in our sector who are said to be in difficulty with the agreed payments.

The sports press has been brooding over the story for a while now, demonstrating an attention to the universe of cryptocurrencies that sometimes becomes moving: between one FUD and another, from time to time a tear also escapes us. Laughing.

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