Pride Month is coming to the Metaverse

New York Pride prepares to become the biggest event LGBT on American territory, and is open to metaverse to overcome physical barriers and reach an ever-growing number of supporters. The crypto world is returning to take sides at the forefront of social battles of a certain magnitude, thanks to technologies based on block chain which will serve as a sounding board for an event with two million participants in the flesh.

Parades and royal demonstrations will be joined by rallies on MetaPride Land, The sandbox Et Decentralizedto reach an even larger number of gender identity supporters.

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Pride month also on the metaverse

In more than 60 countries around the world, being gay is against the law. The following 26 June approximately two million people will participate in the New York Pridean event that is a candidate to become the largest gathering LGBT of all the North America. To give more resonance to the event, in MetaPride Land they organized a parallel meeting which aims to bring together an even larger number of people.

Around the world, the LGBT community is celebrated in June with rainbow flags appearing on the balconies of homes and businesses, only to quickly disappear at the end of the month. These technologies help us expand the battlefield in time and space, reaching individuals whose gender identity is considered illegal in many countries such as Saudi Arabia. The metaverse gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves and make their voices heard.

We have summarized the words of matt stevensonevent organizer founder LGBT on chain. Words that echo thought David CashAt the top of Treasury Laboratories and who organizes events for Decentralized, metaverse who comes back to talk about us on our pages.

The ongoing battle includes some well-known names in the crypto space, plus that of The sandboxwith who Decentralized is hosting virtual fashion shows to coincide with the physical event of New York.

Nice participation elsewhere too

Aussi Crypto People will ride the protesters wagon with a collection NFT Thème LGBT to customize avatars in Decentralized, where forums and events will be organized to discuss a wide range of human rights. One of the themes will concern the financial emancipation of the subjects queerwhich takes us back through the years, to the dawn of Bitcoin born precisely to guarantee the independence of banks and central powers in the financial field, but to a much wider public.

On this occasion we find ourselves meeting well-known topics in the world of crypto, with Decentralized which seems to be the perfect platform for virtual gatherings of the most disparate variations. The same space as he had hosted the first consecutive wedding on metaversenow encompasses civil cases of different gender identities.

The other protagonist of spaces of this type could not be missing, The sandboxthe nerve center of entertainment on chain Et favorite land of international musicians eager to build relationships with their fans. On his $ LAND we have also seen the arrival of the giants of international publishing like the weekly TIMEwhich claims in today's news an illustrious former: matt stevensonnow in charge of MetaPride Land, is a former executive of the American weekly. The metaverse it's really small.

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