Solana's hack? LIES! | Tribal wars that aren't even good for Bitcoin!

In the end, as expected, it was not a hack network Solarium and its protocol, but a trivial but very costly mistake that involved one of wallet most used for interaction and custody with $ SOLthat is to say Comb.

The matter has now been so clarified by Solariumhow much instead of Comb himself, with the cares of a hack which in reality never existed, at least to the detriment of the network itself. And with someone who, as often, will have to rush to delete articles, tweets and social media posts.

Solarium so he's still with us, despite some technical issues throughout the story on his own, but never at these levels. And we can find $ SOL also on - go here to get a free virtual account with UNLIMITED VIRTUAL CAPITAL - intermediary that allows us to invest at the top of the market with 476+ crypto assets in the price list.

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It wasn't a Solana network hack, it was Slope's problem.

Many, not without a certain desire for revenge, circulated the idea that behind the problem millionaire which struck some holders of Solarium there was indeed a bug directly on the network or the protocol of this crypto-currency. News has circulated, sorry to point it out, always shrewdly under those tribal wars who often condemn this space to being more of an outlet for frustrated egos than a space for serious and peaceful discussion. Enough to we had already spoken yesterday and this perhaps merits further study today.

Polemic upon polemic, which should however be made today after having made, as far as possible, clarifications on the subject. A file on which obviously the top management could only intervene Solarium how many instead the vertices of Combwhat it is wallet who was primarily involved in this issue.

To make the situation clearer, there was also a Slope official statement who at the same time indicated the responsibility for his own software, reaffirming at the same time that investigations are still underway to understand in detail what happened. It's certainly not exciting and indeed a further invitation to protect your tokens with stronger tools, but still a take on responsibility for what happened. What does not concern Solarium As such.

To understand, it would be like blaming the Autogrill if someone stole our car, which turned on and opened without a shot being fired. A question, we repeat once again with enormous regret, which has not helped to restore an edifying image of the community. If cryptocurrencies still have a long way to go to reach maturity, we too who buy them, sell them and above all discuss them online.

Solana certainly doesn't like it, but she doesn't…

A system that has been breached. There are many reasons, some of which are also reasonable if viewed from a certain angle, for not being satisfied. Solarium. You can consider anything that is not Bitcoin not sufficiently decentralized and useful. You may think that other networks like Ethereum ou gimbals they can do better. You may also not like the implication of Mall Et FTX.

What should not be done on the other hand, at least in the opinion of the writer, is to question the projects on what exists and not on what results from the usual ruminations made before having a coffee, or in any case before the situation is clear. And that should be double for those who, let's also look at the American public, actually have a large following despite not being new to some releases, even towards Attached Et USDC.

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