China Attacks Bitcoin | But the markets ignore it

La Chinese Communist Party has not yet passed the existence of Bitcoina network which, unlike almost everything in China it cannot be under the control of that part.

And after sowing mechanical FUD for yearshere he is back to try to sow terror on the markets, among others in a market stage certainly complicated for Bitcoin and for the rest of the sector. With good news, however, for those who invest: this time, no one seems to have really taken an interest in what the parties are saying. Pekin.

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La Fête thunders: “Bitcoin can go to zero”

Nothing new on the Eastern Front. This China who fails to give you peace the existence of a monetary network beyond the control of the Match returns to attempt to sow terror in the market of Bitcoin. Research, we said, because this time, unlike in the past, it seems that no one really cares about what was said and done by Pekin.

It all starts fromDaily economica diary that may seem harmless but is actually under the control of Match and that he indicated as the prices of Bitcoin are approaching zero, thus trying to stop citizens who, against the advice of the Match they could decide to invest in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is nothing more than a series of digital codes and the returns it offers come from selling high after buying low. In the future, once investor confidence plummets or sovereign states declare Bitcoin illegal, it will revert to its original value, which is clearly zero.

A strong position, but which is in fact shared by many economists et entrepreneurs even on the western front, just remember Nassim Talebor also Warren Buffetor even Bill Gates. A curious axis that starts from Pekin and who arrives in the United States (also passing through Europe), in a strange convergence of opinions between champions of capitalism and poppies of the communist party.

Meanwhile, most of the world doesn't care

And he doesn't care about the last mornings of Pekinso much of the thought of gerontocratic capitalism which dreams Bitcoin back to zero, so the ramshackle prophecies circulating at a rapid pace are confirmed.

Bitcoin it may be going through a complicated period in the market, but it is still trading at higher prices 20 000 $ per unit, with an excellent market capitalization and the unequivocal sign that there are now few people who care about what this curious human formation says. Which leaves precisely from the headquarters of the Match and ends up in the upper echelons of American capitalism. With a question also for our readers: why so much interest in an asset that will, it is said, be worth zero?

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