Kucoin lands in the metaverse | Offices on Ertha for …

The popular exchange of crypto-currencies KuCoin opens its doors on the metaverse. And he does this by choosing the virtual world of ertagame project P2E on block chain which is enjoying growing success with players and investors.

News that speaks to the unrelenting vitality of an exchange the bad guys wanted for dead, following the collapse of Lunar Earth . It's not, with the middleman in great shape as the future looks increasingly rosy metaverseand not just in terms of games.

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Kucoin lands in “its” metaverse

erta it's a game on metaverse in perfect style P2E, characterized by complex dynamics and a high degree of involvement. The goal is to save humanity from impending extinction, caused by millennia of failed management by our ancestors.

We can purchase entire areas scattered across planet earth to become its administrators and guide its economic, political and social development. The earth, evidently in the form of NFTgenerate wealth that players can freely trade to interact with surrounding economies.

Wealth that becomes more and more colossal as the popularity of the platform increases: it is said that cities like Rome Et Tokyo were sold for respectively 120 000 and $59. A platform that, although in beta, has become a point of reference for video game on chainand the turnover that moves on its tokens is tempting for both players and industry operators.

Among these figures KuCoinpopular exchange de crypto-monnaies who decided to carve out a place in the metaverse de erta. The exchange, analysis and trading services will thus be re-offered in a virtual environment very popular with wealthy investors and gamers, given the figures quickly noted a few lines above.

Via rumors of bankruptcy?

Ironically, the news comes weeks after rumors that theexchange on one's last legs. With boiling markets, ea sequel to Terra Luna crackmore than one rumor had given the now condemned intermediary.

So it wasn't: KuCoin it was stronger than the storm, and above all it proved that the dire predictions were nothing more than FUD cleverly constructed, as the platform was in no way exposed to the Earth Moon Et 3AC. KuCoin In addition he had already shown interest in the metaverse last fallan interest that gave rise to a fund of 100 000 000 dollars for research and development. An action that finds coherence and continuity with today's news, a sign that, although still to be explored, the technology of metaverse it is attracting more and more companies, financial operators and institutions.

The virtuous cases in this sense are countless: we therefore challenge the main players by way of example: the last purchase on Decentralized bears the signature of Ghostpopular CBS sitcom that replicated its film set on chain. The sandbox for its part it certainly does not remain to watch, and took a host distilleries in its metaverse in a hymn to social aggregation.

Leaving the playful and recreational area we find Dubai is pushing hard on the metaverse with investments capable of generating 40 000 new jobs by 2030, a sign that technology itself has enormous potential to express, and that perhaps the numbers coming from games are nothing more than the tip of a much bigger iceberg.

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