Illuvium soars at + 40% | Public beta anticipation grows

The world of game keep pushing gas even in a complicated market phase for the top in terms of capitalization. Illuvium flies to the market, increasing by more than 30% its total market capitalization and embark on a bull run that could also continue in the medium and long term.

An incredible race not only in the last 24 hours, but more generally in the last 6 months, who saw the token exceed more 15 times the original price. Many, who may not be around here, because in reality there are still many end in the pot de Illuvium.

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Illuvium Boom: The Illuvinati Are Changing And ...

The catalyst growth in the last few hours, incredible for a token that already has this level of capitalization, was the announcement of the new voting operations for Illuvinati du period 4, an event that will say little to those who do not actively participate in the community, but which is yet another passage of an ecosystem that sees its community like, how fundamental junction for each type of step forward.

For the rest of Illuvium we could talk, detaching a little from today's growth, for weeks on end. For those who don't know him, Illuvium It is one of blockchain related games the most anticipated of all time. We say expected, because for the first public beta we will probably have to wait the first quarter of 2022.

A game expected because - do not want the others - it is one of the few to appear at the moment trailer state-of-the-art graphics and gameplay mechanics that can compete with the titles at the top of the commercial sector.

Market capitalization is already close to Billions of dollars floating - and will have a vocation to grow, at least in our opinion for the next month, as the exit from the public beta. This despite the fact that there is no shortage of controversy over the timing, with skeptics pointing out that in reality, so far, only videos of this game have been seen. Awesome, for heaven's sake, but still video.

The incredible rise in just 6 months

The increase over the past 6 months has been impressive. In fact, we are talking about a price that has increased by more than 1%Or 15 times, making the fortune of those who have invested in advance.

Of course we are now at an all time high and some might fear corrections. Which is perhaps natural, but which in our opinion should not worry unduly those who decide to invest or not in this token. A token that represents one of the most promising projects in the entire environment game and which we will be able to come back to shortly with one of our special.

who's looking exposure on this specific sector, could find within Illuvium everything he has always been looking for - a game that also attracts for the fun aspect, relatively solid management and good growth prospects for the future as well.

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