GXChain: Enthusiasm for 2.0 | The air of revolution pushes investments

Those who like to sift crypto-monnaies at the lowest market capitalization he will have noticed today an incredible growth, during the last 24 hours, for a semi-unknown project.

Let's talk about GX chain, born in the middle of the first crypto boom of 2017 and that after important changes is ready for a rebranding, as soon as his channel arrives 2.0 and other revolutions that push prices up in the markets.

An interesting situation - with the usual risk of short-term correction - that we could surf Binance - go here to get free account - intermediary among the richest of emerging cryptocurrencies in particular by its internal dex, which offers many tokens at very competitive commissions.

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GXChain revolution: name change, split and new goals

There are actually a lot of things he cooks for GX chain, which will become to begin with REI Network, with the aim of possibly extending to the world of play in the blockchain and also that of metaverse. But let's proceed in order to understand what is really going on.

GX chain is a project that has existed for 2017, born as generic blockchain, who then tried to change course in 2020. In fact, last year the group started testing their own version 2.0, with a particular address towards the decentralized finance.

A sort of adaptation to the demands of the market of the time (and moreover also today), with a reorganize full protocol. Which will make it possible, at least on paper, to become cadre for new projects related to game. An ideal situation to find yourself: good technological performance, low market capitalization which attracts speculators and those looking to create a sensation and great enthusiasm for the arrival of 2.0 in Main network, which will happen later this month. But there is also more in terms of Tokenomics. Because the change of name and technology will also lead the group to proceed to a split.

Token split: $ 1 GXC will be transformed into $ 10 REI

Just like in the world of Actions, even in cryptocurrency, there can be splits. That is to say that I am multiplied token in circulation and reassigned to those who already have them.

The scheme will be 1:10, in order to have more tokens in circulation and make calculations simpler for those who want to use the network. An operation that we saw a long time ago, for example, with Because - and it's not that rare in the cryptocurrency world.

A series of operations that pushed the speculators bid on future of this renewed network, with objectively impressive and extraordinary growth.

Short-term moving: always be careful

Even when the reasons that lead to a bull run of this type are solid, our advice is always to to pay particular attention to, because there will be several to want to do checkout after having multiplied by 5 their investment. Maximum precaution in case of entry - and also in case we have fantasies of court. Anything could happen in the next few hours.

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