Gucci joins SuperRare | Buy from 25K in $RARE Tokens

Gucci continues to invest in the world of Web3 and it does it this time with a direct entry into super rarewith a partnership that will strengthen the presence of the Italian brand within NFT Et Metaverse.

Something that perhaps few would have imagined only a few months ago, but which is the obvious and worthy continuation of a virtual entrance project based on chain that the brand undertook some time ago and which sees small but steady steps taken almost every week.

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The first $25 of a long series?

From what has been reported by Coindeskthe Italian fashion group (but French today) would buy 25 000 $ about tokens $RARESin order to join the DAO who leads one of center most important for the world NFT.

All this within a project, Vault Art Spacewhich will be an exhibition of works always NFT de 29 different artists. A kind of patronage de Gucci which is thus part of the drop of the world of non-fungible tokensafter having already experienced enough in the world of crypto-monnaies.

The group indeed already supports crypto payments through a partnership in the United States which allows him to accept in selected stores Bitcoin and large cap cryptocurrencies. And it's not the only one of the group's initiatives that have approach to the world of block chain. “A digital space for Gucci, and they will work with artists to sell art through their space, which will be on SuperRare's infrastructure.

This is the comment of jonathan perkinswho is the head of super rare which could only welcome such an important brand within its ecosystem, an ecosystem that is confirmed as one of the most attractive for Brand who want to become serious in the world of NFT.

Gucci leads the way: soon in other prestigious brands?

Gucci has long spoken the language of innovation and could act as a precursor to many other brands in the industry, even competitors who so far have tried to do it with them and perhaps they would do well to enter the metaverse and the gods NFT.

For those who love fashion, remember that it will also be a 100 years celebration of the Brandwith an preview also on future of the brand. We'll see what the popular e next move exclusive Italian brand, which also in the metaverse and in the world of NFT will succeed in establishing itself as one of the most appreciated and sought after in the world.

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