GALA continues to increase | + 70% for FOMO and new titles

Still Gala. Despite Bitcoin timidly began to manifest, the world of metaverse and the gods Games tirelessly continues to grow, with Gala which confirms itself as one of the best of the same day taking into account the low cap coin.

Another great success for $ GALA, which is confirmed as a very appropriate protocol also in relation to a sector which is developing in two digits for days, finally finding the appreciation it deserves.

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Still booming for Gala: our analysis

Taking into account only the last 24 hours, at the time of writing $ GALA recorded an increase of almost 70%, impressive even taking into account the level of market capitalization from which he started. Unequivocal growth - with a wave of purchases not yet clear, as a single event, of what was triggered.

There has been some good news lately 24 hours: the tournament Spider Tanks is taking place with great success with the public - as announced by the arrival of Queen of sweets, another title which is added to parterre already relatively large in the group. A group which, let us remember, does not directly manage a single platform, but an entire framework that also allows the purchase and sale of TVN related to this type of games.

Also the opening to the purchase of new knots of City star exerted a fair amount of force haussier concerning the price of $ GALA, but here too we are faced with an event which, at least on its own, cannot be considered as the trigger for such growth.

There FOMO, Or afraid of missing the train by many investors is certainly playing in favor of price of $ GALA, with short-term growth which for the tokens of this capitalization is simply science fiction.

Too late to enter Gala?

In our opinion, no - although the correct position to take in this case would still work analysis carefully. Such growth could trigger a short-term correction - and we expect some volatility over the next few hours of trading. As for the medium and long term, we believe that there is still a lot room for growth for this token - if only taking into account that it is only listed by a few exchange.

Bullish pressures may continue when it is more prevalent and when more users can also buy it for speculative purposes. In addition to the usual pay attention to corrections, we believe that the right time to Gala could continue, especially if other tokens in the same sector, such as for example, were to continue to grow as well $ MANA de Decentraland Et $ SAND de The sandbox.

A gaming sector strong enough to even deserve our full attention. Soon - and we usually don't do this preview - there will be a special dedicated to the world of play on blockchain, with a few nuggets for those who think they arrived too late on the main chips.

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