Floki becomes sponsor of Naples | Here are the terms of the agreement

The 2021 will surely be remembered as the year of meme token, which thanks to their rise in economic terms also have significant capital to guarantee record sponsorships.

The last in chronological order is Floki, who in the last 24 hours made the agreement with Naples, a team which - we remember it for our readers who do not follow football - plays in a league and is one of the most representative and followed teams in the league.

Floki will appear on the jerseys - even if on the back - for a collaboration whose details will be the subject of our in-depth analysis. All of this from a token that has also become sponsor de Tyson Fury - boxer who is the current champion of the heavyweight Is already has experience in the NFT world.

Even Naples on the cryptocurrency train

Even the Naples adds to best club Italians who are all, in various ways, integrated into the world of blockchain. Sponsorship on the shirts of Rome Et Lazio, Through the Inter-fan token, which also shows how main sponsor of the club, As long as Juventus Et Milan who are both part Socios.com.

It is now the turn of the Neapolitan team, which chooses a sponsor coming straight from the world of meme token, for a sponsorship which, at least in the world of European football, is for the moment a unicum. In fact, we are talking about Floki, a token which is the meme of the meme and which with a significant capital in hand - and very aggressive strategies in terms of marketing - seeks visibility to grow as they have already done Dogecoin and also Shiba Inu coin.

What's in the deal

The agreement is already operational and includes the presence of the Brand on the back du competition uniforms du Naples. However, it's not just this that will guarantee access to the huge parterre of Neapolitan fans at the token itself.

There will also be advertisements for on the sidelines and other promotional initiatives - which, however, have yet to be revealed. All this, suggests the group, also through initiatives of charity which would follow what is the natural tendency of token, which has already sponsored the construction of educational institutions in emerging economies.

The duration of the agreement is unknown

The duration of the agreement would not be officially known and the sports press did not report either. economic terms of the same. The fact is that we are still talking about major sponsorships, since we imagine that the credibility of Floki like, how partner has also been the subject of fairly substantial offers.

What is certain is that the intersection between the world of cryptocurrencies - even when it is definitely sui generis like, how Floki - and the world of football is expanding. Along with other sponsorships and initiatives that will bring blockchain to virtually every stadium in Italy.

The announcement did not do much to the token, which today loses two digits compared to yesterday - a sign that there will be a need for Other to bring it to the levels of market capitalization that we have seen reach for example a $ SHIB. But the effects of these operationsthey are often only produced in the medium term. We will stay at the window to assess the merits of this operation.

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