+ EXCLUSIVE + Cryptomania in Turkey | Advertising in every corner of Istanbul

+ EXCLUSIVE CRYPTOVALUTA.IT + The crypto-monnaies a good alternative for high rate countries inflation? It seems so, at least judging cryptocurrency fever it's hitting the Turkey, a country where inflation is dramatically eroding the purchasing power of the population.

Istanbul is literally taken over by advertisements for new exchanges Et local activities who want to bring the Turkish people into the blockchain world. All in a legislative and political environment which does not seem very inclined to the introduction of crypto-currencies as a payment tool and which highlights the dangers more than the bespoke of this new way of preserving wealth.

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The salvation of cryptocurrencies for those who sink into the Turkish lira?

There Turkish lira he is in a dire situation. It continues to lose ground in the face of American dollar and againstEUR, impoverishing at the same time the resident population.

A dramatic situation in particular for this part of the population which does not trade with abroad and therefore has salaries linked to Turkish lira, which he only lost since August beyond 30% purchasing power. An inflation rate very high, which in turn one year it caused the Turkish lira to lose more than 40% of its value.

Faced with such a situation, the refuge towards crypto-currencies is obvious, even in a country where one of the the biggest scandals in the history of cryptocurrencies, with the owner of aexchange who hid with client funds.

Advertising everywhere, from Istanbul's second airport to subways

Advertisements are everywhere, from city airports to subways that quickly connect one of the largest and most populous cities in the world. Give the exchange for purchases of Bitcoin and also cryptocurrencies that have increased the most in recent months, such as Shiba Inu coin. The photos we bring back are explanatory.

In addition, there are also initiatives reminiscent of those of Chiliz, with tokens linked to local teams - but less known than Galatasaray Et Fenerbahce - For example Sakaryaspor Et Giresun.

Riding thus on a passion that the Turks have in degrees of intensity superior to those of the Italians, namely football. Also a sign that in reality it is the whole sector blockchain want to find citizenship in Anatolie.

Erdoğan has already spoken out on cryptocurrencies

Some time ago Erdoğan, President of the Turkish Republic, had already spoken about crypto-currencies with not particularly edifying tones, yet echoed by one of the highest poppies of his party, who on the contrary admitted that Turkey was watching with interest these new technologies.

While the policy hesitates, the Turkish people have decided to react by themselves - also driven by the private sector. And today there is not a single angle of Istanbul where there are no advertisements or invitations to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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