eToro: OAM registration is coming!

Aussi eToro is added to the list of operators registered in the specific register of theOAMregister created for the purpose of identifying intermediaries offering cryptocurrencies and which, thanks to the aforementioned registration, will be able to continue to operate legally in our country.

This registration has therefore already been taken care of by the main global intermediaries, all or almost all of whom are now present in Italy in a register that was the first step towards normalizing the issue in our country, not without the usual whirlwind of controversy (many of which are justified). However, an important step for eTorowhich thus asserts itself as one of the best players in the sector dedicated to investments in crypto.

Intermediary that our readers already know well, and that we can also test with a free demo account with $100 virtual capital – with access to a price list of 75+ cryptocurrencies and with unique tools that other intermediaries cannot offer.

We indeed have the CopyTrader, which allows us to copy the best or spy on their every move in the market. And we also have tools such as Smart Wallets to invest in already diversified crypto baskets that do not involve the payment of additional commissions.

eToro registers with OAM: what it means for Europe's leading crypto broker

eToro has obtained permission to register with OAMthe body that keeps the register also with regard to operators in the world crypto and that there is likely to be a move towards more homogeneous regulation at European level in the future. A recording that we had already talked about a lot about exchange who had moved earlier.

We are very pleased to have received registration permission from the Agents and Brokers body, which will provide our users with an extra layer of peace of mind when trading with eToro. Our goal is to entice more people to invest and we fully support any type of regulatory measure that protects retail investors without excluding those who can benefit the most without hampering innovation.

With important praise also for Italian investors, with interesting data also with regard to investments in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

eToro has seen an increased participation of Italians in the crypto market over the past three years. In the second quarter of 2022, many Italians diversified their portfolios, allocating an average of 23% to the crypto world. Following increased interest from retail investors, we will also be increasing our educational resources to support our investment community, advising our clients to look to the long term first when building their portfolios.

This is the comment of Emanuela Mansionwho is the regional director of eToro for theItaly. Words that also indicate, to those who know how to read between the lines, what is the path that the group imagines for its future (and that of customers) in the crypto world.

Is someone still missing?

eToro was already covered by the MiFID license and by registering with OAM offered an additional level of protection and regularity to its users. However, important intermediaries are still missing, but in our opinion, at least when they are sufficiently structured, they will all sign up eventually.

With the other side of the coin that we must always talk about: the costs at the global level for this type of operation are very high. And not all intermediaries can afford to pay and support them. Are you sure this is the right way to do it? Not for eToro, which obviously reacts to the movements of the regulator, but for the regulator itself, which under the pretext of protecting users can end up limiting their freedom in choosing an intermediary.

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