Ethereum takes the station | This is why ETH can grow

The next news for the protocol Ethereum they can be final for the future of the decentralized finance. A path that will also be marked by intermediate stagesAsEIP 4448, one of the most discussed in recent days, which could start to change things for the better.

All in one ecosystem Ethereum who is also in difficulty because of the very high fees which for the moment must be paid on the network - with the lowering of this one which will be one of the crucial phases in the future of the development of its ecosystem.

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Descent charge with EIP 4488, but will it be enough?

The elephant in the glassware is still the same: now operating on the network of Ethereum it has high, very high costs, and this slows down the development of several projects, which do not have the means to meet these costs.

Likewise, these incredible costs are an obstacle for the single user, who may find partial relief in the world of layer 2 and parachain that revolve around the ecosystem of ETH. Not enough, however: protocol calls, especially if there are multiple, still have significant costs.

The proposal 4488 could do something: it reduces the cost per byte for the call data 16 to 3 gases, adding a Postcode to avoid security issues. This it will not increase the capacity of the network, but it will rather redistribute the costs between the different types of calls, with a positive exercise also on Layer 2, which should see the overall cost of the transaction drop.

Will that be enough? No, at least if the objective was to become competitive with blockchain which already work with validation systems other than those PoW, but it is still a step forward.

All this while every day we get closer to the transition of times, to the fusion that will give ETH an ecosystem with Point of sale validation.

This news is bullish, but not for the most trivial reason

These - and we are few to support it (we'll see later if time will prove it) - is very positive news regarding the value of $ETH on the market. We are indeed facing a token which already today has a very high market capitalization, despite these problems.

The technical capacity to solve them is there, the will too (as evidenced by this latest initiative). These are all signs that once exceeded, there will even be an already very strong increase in demand for the network. With the consequent increase in the value of the protocol as such and $ETH like cryptocurrency.

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