Ethereum: fork in proof of work!

The question concerning the supposed range of Ethereum this gets a lot more interesting, given that for the past few hours they've been offering support for a fork Proof of work also two very important names in the crypto firmament.

They are actually exchanging Poloniex and also Justin sun announce their support for the fork which was announced a few days ago and which should create a side project, in the style Classic Ethereum at least in intent, directed by whom a fork of Ethereum in fact, he had already done so, that is to say Chandler Guo. A question that is taking hold among the pundits and which could be the most important fact of a high-tension summer for everyone in crypto and for those connected to Ethereum.

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Poloniex and Justin Sun will offer support for the fork

The question began as a boutadesat least according to the majority of analysts, who had perhaps not given too much weight to the words and intentions of Chandler Guowhich a few days ago had publicly announced its intention to branch off Ethereum once it passes Proof of participation.

We had already mentioned it and now let's talk about it again because two players in the sector of all respect are potentially taking sides. On the one hand theexchange Poloniex and on the other one of the most talked about characters, that is to say Justin sun. But let's do it in order.

The Ethereum merger is scheduled for September 2022. Poloniex was the first exchange to list Ethereum and will be the first to support potential forks with the listing of ETHS and ETHW.

Tweet followed by that of Justin sunwhich was said also available for finance directly all projects that decide to develop on the fork PoW.

We currently have over a million Ethereum. If the Ethereum fork comes to fruition, we will give a portion of the ETHW to the community and developers to build on this ecosystem.

A movement that has its own specific weight, both because it involves large sums, and because it is perhaps the first official support for a movement which, we repeat once again, was for many only one boutades. We will see if this movement is actually followed or if one will remain smargiassata really powerful characters in the crypto ecosphere.

Fork or not: what will happen?

We'll see, because there would be more than 2 billion dollars worth of equipment for the mining who will have to find a new location, with a possible fork de Ethereum who keeps the proof of work which could represent a natural outlet.

Things are getting very interesting. And what can we say, we like them, because it is precisely from the unbridled competition that the world of crypto will be able to progress.

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