Register on Axie Infinity | Digital landing for $ 2,3 million

Amazing what happened last night on Infinite Axis protocol play on blockchain which has long been among the most popular in the industry. In fact, a terrain of land for a sum of 550 Ethereum.

An equivalent, at current prices, of approximately 2,3 million, a record sum even for a protocol to which we had already become well used with i crazy prices for some of the monsters most wanted.

Incredibly bullish news for Infinite Axis - given that it signals a great interest also on the part of big investors for new game systems being integrated. We can find Axis $ AXS also on eToro, most used crypto-platform - go here to get 100% free demo account with all the best features, an intermediary who recently added $ AXS to his list of 40+ cryptocurrencies.

Price list on which it is possible to invest also with exclusive instruments of fintech such as CopyTrader copy top investors or spy on every buy and sell move - and with the Copy portfolios invest in multiple cryptocurrencies in a single stock. With $ 50 we can switch to the real account.

The highest amount ever paid for a digital pitch

The amount that was paid for the block -20, -30 Genesis it is in all likelihood the upper never paid for a plot of digital earth, subject to agreements that are not of a public nature (for example it is not known how much Atari paid for its space on Decentraland).

A sum of 550 Ethereum which were invested by an anonymous user (but probably very wealthy), bringing the volume of transactions, already significant, which take place on $ AXS.

The earth is getting complicated $ AXS they are a relative novelty of the most popular of Play to win which are available in the market. They are traded at much lower prices - although still important, given that at the time of writing there are none on the market for less than $ 3,5 ETH, or for an equivalent value of approximately 15 000 $. A kind of assault on the west, for a protocol that is becoming more popular and played every day, despite the currently prohibitive prices for equipment minimum required to do it.

The rise of the game may not stop there

The rise of games could don't stop there, although it was once again a week that almost exclusively awarded me crypto-token that belong to that specific sector.

They also keep on pushing metaverse - of which $ AXS can now say it's a part - just as the more deliciously commercial protocols like for example continue to fly The sandbox.

A very special moment for this niche, which on its own drains most of the Capital entering the market - probably also limiting the strength of the possible return of Bitcoin. But the market of crypto-monnaies it is also that - and the cycles alternate. With the difference, for the moment, that the one related to the games does not seem to want to lose gasoline.

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