Elon Musk argues with CZ | It's war on Twitter ...

Little quarrel between Elon Musk Et Binance CZ, two personalities linked in different ways to the world of crypto-monnaies, with a confrontation that could only be triggered by the curious situation that Binance lives with Dogecoin, a kind of protégé of Tesla's tycoon.

It all started with a caustic tweet de Musk, which to protect users from Binance who have problems with the withdrawals de Doge he declared that they should not pay for the faults of others, referring, without a shadow of a doubt, to popular exchange. Which could only trigger a reaction from CZ, noticeably more moderate than the CEO de Tesla.

A question and answer which is also finished Yahoo finance - with the tones of CZ who have become decidedly more accommodating, considering these Tweet de Musk just a mistake. But let's see what happened step by step, starting from the background.

Binance's problems with Dogecoin

It all starts with the problems of Binance with Dogecoin. After the last protocol update, I portfolio guarded by Binance caused issues, with some transactions from the exchange to wallets being processed multiple times. A chaotic situation that forced the cryptocurrency exchange to freeze wallets and prevent withdrawals from users, who are always free to use them within the platform.

A situation which, among other things, has been going on for some time, with the technical problem of Binance which would still seem far from the Solution. A glitch that he causes, in that he is definitely right Elon Musk, important issues for users who have no responsibility in this regard.

It all starts with Elon Musk's tweet

To begin the short quarrel Twitter was a quick tweet from Elon Musk, which we report in full.

DOGE $ holders who use Binance should be protected from errors that are not their responsibility.

Referring to the situation we have described above in connection with the disaster of the portfolio. Which could only trigger the reaction of CZ, CEO de Binance. Also because this tweet was triggered by another where Elon Musk accused what's going on Binance to be "fishy".

Elon, we're pretty sure this is an issue with the latest version of the Doge Wallet. We are in contact with the developers. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. What happened here?

By reporting a software problem for Tesla who caused the call back to the parent company of 12.000 vehicles. A low blow to which another low blow responded.

Tones are calmer back thanks to CZ and Yahoo Finance

The interview with Yahoo finance - what CZ admitted was actually planned for weeks - could only take care of that too quarrels.

I am not an aggressive person by nature, but neither am I a submissive or cowardly person when it comes to defending our business. I consider the defense of Binance my main job and the defense of the crypto industry my life mission.

With an addition a few minutes later: “Elon is still my idol. Sometimes he goes too far with Twitter ”. Peace made? We believe so, for two characters who, in addition to having always known each other, also have converging interests within the same industry. A small skirmish, as we will see again in the future always in the hands of the exuberant Elon Musk.

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