Elon Musk talks about Shiba Inu Coin | Eye! Here is the truth [VIDEO]

Sooner or later it had to happen. At the end hours the gate Youtube he was inundated with ghost videos events promotion of the cryptocurrency in which he would also participate Elon Musk, intercepted now as first promoter of the project.

Although this may be a dream for many investors in Shiba Inu Piece of money, they are in fact counterfeits, sometimes well thought out, which have relatively complex counterfeits behind them escroqueries. Scams the sole purpose of which is to deprive us of our own crypto-monnaies.

Shiba It is in very good condition state of form and it seems to be able to do without it Musk. The trend is already interesting on its own for those who want to invest. We can find $ SHIB, and take full advantage of this period in a decisive way haussier in eToro (go here to get the free demo account with all unlimited features) - an intermediary who has been offering for some time this cryptocurrency- as well as exclusive services such as CopyTrader copy or spy on the best.

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No, Elon Musk's videos pushing Shiba Inu Token aren't true!

It's about faux, often well articulated, which all or almost all follow the same plot. Some are often habitent, or streamed live - although they almost always replicate what happened weeks ago when they premiered The B word, or the convention organized by Jack Dorsey de Twitter for promote Bitcoin.

Around the videos we find gods QR Code which would allow access to wallets that would double our crypto-currencies. By sending a certain amount, we will instantly receive double the refunded amount. It's about escroqueries which have been around for years in the cryptocurrency space and from which we invite everyone to stay as far as possible.

Elon Musk he never spoke publicly about Shiba Inu token and never promoted him. He also never participated in diagrams for double anyone's cryptocurrency. The video we attach is one of the hottest videos in recent hours - a vivid example of the technique used by this group of scammers.

Shiba Inu Crypto Coin is a very popular cryptocurrency now...

And that certainly, even from what is reported in ours SHIBA Inu Coin Forecast more taking. In addition to the large volumes that were recorded last week, they signal the popularity of $ SHIB even those scams, which they once exploited almost exclusively Bitcoin Et Dogecoin.

The noise of those who try to cheat by exploiting the most requested cryptocurrencies by investors and on the market - which should be ignored or even considered as a positive sign linked precisely to extreme popularity de SHIB as a crypto project.

The court retreat the last 24 hours should not be - even that - a cause for great concern. Almost everything altcoin they accumulate without following Bitcoin - which is part of best performer of the day. Repeating a cycle that we have seen many times in the world of crypto-monnaies.

It could also trigger on the market, following the data now already present on the chart, a volatility also useful for those who want trade short term. For this type of operation Capital.com (go here for unlimited free demo account) offers the best in terms of analysis tools. It makes available, even on $ SHIB - unique in the world in this sense - access to MetaTrader 4 - as well as to the services of TradingView.

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